I have been doing high-ticket affiliate marketing on and off again for about five years now – more consistently in recent times, but it’s something that’s always interested me.  Many people have heard of it but have not understood what it means or how it works, so hopefully, more people will get an idea of What is high ticket affiliate marketing by reading this detailed review.  ​

Let’s start from the basics, though.

Affiliate Marketing is a way for you to make money online by promoting another company’s products or services. You use special links/codes to place in your website content or share through social media. When someone buys the product using that link, you earn a commission. 

Here are the pros:

It’s cost-effective

There is less cost involved to get started, whether you’re promoting something or not. You need to create accounts with companies that offer deals. Considering hosting fees, membership subscriptions, etc., it can save real money if you use those deals.

What is high ticket affiliate marketing


You don’t need to do all the work

It doesn’t take long to get results, but you can get it up and running while you go on with other things. It’s not like blogging, where you have to write new content every day, or social media, where you need to post engaging updates for people to see your posts (although I would recommend doing both of these anyway).

Here are some cons:  

Might take a while to see returns

It depends on the type of offers you’re promoting. Some will pay out straight away, and others have to roll 30-day payment terms, which you’ll need to bear in mind. However, they usually pay in the end.

You might have to market yourself

That isn’t bad as it’s good practice and will help improve your skills, but it might not be for you if you’re not into that. You can always pay someone else to do this, though.

Can you become a millionaire from affiliate marketing?

It is possible to be a millionaire through this. However, it takes an incredible amount of dedication and hard work. In the end, you can see your name on top with seven-figure annual earnings.

But the truth be told, earning money online has never been so easy – all you need is knowledge combined with a little bit of effort, and you can increase your income quite quickly. The more money you make, the bigger the time and energy you will invest in it.

It takes about a year for an average internet marketer to make his first million – so all you have to do is stay consistent until this moment comes.

How can I begin affiliate marketing with no money?

I understand how challenging it is for beginners to earn their revenue without traffic and money to launch ads. But you can always learn a trick, implement it, and move on.

To started quickly, there are some things that you should be aware of:

SEO or a traffic generation technique

Setting up a blog review 

Social media marketing

Selecting the right products

… And others.

What is high ticket affiliate marketing? 

As the name states, it’s all about promoting high-priced or expensive products (usually in the $100-$2000+ range). To find these products, you will have to research a lot.

What you are looking for should be how many people are promoting it and their commission percentage. The more active affiliates promoting, the higher chance they can help you make sales if it’s a good product (assuming they offer good promotional material). The less commission percent they get means that there’s more money in it for you.

Once you have found your product, promote it like any other program, but keep track of what you spend on advertising and figure out your break-even point. When that is reached or exceeded, then you start seeing a profit from the sales.

The more expensive the product is, the higher chance there is of a sale happening. So selling a $197 e-book will probably net a better return than selling a $49 eBook (assuming they both sell equally). So how much do I get paid per sale? – This usually varies from 25% to 75% of the price.

What are high ticket offers?

The term “high ticket” comes from the fact that it’s used with high-ticket items like cars and mortgages, but it works just as well with other types of offers.

When you are selling a product or service, this high ticket offer method can help you make far more money with far less work. That is because when people see an upfront fee, they take the product seriously (even if it’s something as silly as a $100 knitting course). So, they tend to be more committed to making sure the purchase works out for them.

The high ticket offer method works with any product or service, but I find it particularly effective for online courses, personal coaching, and other digital services.

Where do I find high ticket affiliate offers to generate income?

There are several affiliate network sites such as Commission Junction (CJ) and ClickBank. However, most companies host their affiliate programs on ShareASale. It’s a trusted platform that major companies utilize for promotional purposes, growing sales, and boosting revenue.

The platform has over 16,000 merchants and generated over $180m in revenue for companies with a wide range of products. That means it’s highly profitable.

Click here to join.  

How much do high ticket marketers make?

So, here is what my calculation came up with: You can spend $100 per month and generate $7k after the deductions. Now, that’s just an example of what I have calculated for one specific program.

But if you are promoting more than 20 programs, with each generating $7k a month, you are on your way to $140k.

Which is the best high ticket affiliate program to begin with?

There are many high-ticket programs. However, I will advise you to go with the Legendary Marketer 15-day online business builder challenge. Honestly, the coaching program is excellent for beginners because it’s more practical.

I took the challenge when I began my online marketing journey, and hence I understand its impact on your growth.

For the 15 days, you will be undertaking the challenge; you will learn and practice a new essential skill every day.  

You may want to take advantage of the mind-blowing offer they are having right now. And to guide you, I wrote an in-depth guide about it.


Apart from Legendary Marketer, you can also try out ClickFunnels. It’s one of the best sales funnel creator tools out there with thousands of users. It’s also an online course platform for anybody willing to learn.

Founded by Russel Brunson and Collins Key, ClickFunnels is one of the most popular lead generation/landing page software currently on the market.

Clickfunnels High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

To get paid, utilize these two ways:

  • You can become a ClickFunnels affiliate, which means you’re going to promote and sell their service through your sales funnel.
  • You can also recommend software as a service (SaaS) providers to ClickFunnels, which means you’re going to put a banner or a unique tracking link on your website, and if someone clicks through that banner, they will arrive at ClickFunnels.

If someone signs up for Click Funnels due to that click, you’ll earn a revenue share.

How much does it cost?

There are several ways to become a ClickFunnels member; you can purchase the ClickFunnels basic package at $97 a month or go for the Platinum plan at $297 a month. The former is good if you are starting because it doesn’t have a lot of features.

How much will you earn?

You will make about a 40% recurring revenue stream from any plans that a single referral who clicks on your link ends up purchasing. You will also receive $100 when they buy the One Funnel Away challenge or the 30 days challenge.

My secret tips promoting ClickFunnels 

You’re going to send people to the sales funnel page of ClickFunnels. If they have no idea what ClickFunnels is or if they are not interested in it, the chances are that they’ll leave your website, and none of them will buy your product. 

Also, if you send people directly to their sales funnel page, the chances are that you might get banned from Click Funnels, especially if you send a lot of people or if you send them to a sales funnel that converts poorly.

But if you’re promoting SaaS providers and showing your visitors how great it is to have their services, then they won’t mind that much. They will be delighted because now they’ll know what other companies are out there that can help them build their business.


I highly recommend creating a ClickFunnels blog and generating many high-quality blog posts talking about their services.

Create ClickFunnels video review 

Here are the two methods for creating product review videos for promoting ClickFunnels:

  • Method 1 (recommended) Stay in front of your webcam and talk about what makes ClickFunnels so great to use for other marketers.
  • Method 2 Record yourself on your webcam while using ClickFunnels (you need to have your computer) and then upload that video to YouTube, Facebook, etc.

8 other high ticket products to promote

Here are some of the high ticket programs reviews based on niches.

Let’s start with the web hosting niche since it has many types of products.

  1. WP Engine

WordPress is a popular CMS (content management system) on the internet. That means WP Engine’s customer base is enormous.

WP Engine is the leading WordPress hosting provider, making it easy for businesses to build and manage sites using the open-source WordPress platform.

WP Engine provides managed hosting, which means that they handle all aspects of server management. The team works updates and is available 24/7 in case anything goes wrong with your site.

Total price

They offer different types of hosting, from managed hosting to secure hosting. These hosting types cater to various hosting needs and hence have varied pricing plans. They also have plans for online stores. The most affordable plan is managed hosting, which begins from $25.00 a month.

Commission rates

The WP Engine program offers you a minimum $200 monthly recurring commission for every paying customer who signs up and commits to their service after clicking through your link. You can earn up to $290 in monthly commission whenever someone purchases the top-tier plan.  

And if you promote their StudioPress theme, you will get 35% of the sale. That means if you sell this theme to 10 people, you are on your way to hitting $500.

ShareAsale hosts the Wp Engine affiliate program. So, create an account there. After applying, they will take about three days to approve. Once someone clicks your link, the cookie duration is 180 days.

How can you promote it?

You can promote WP Engine via your website, social media profiles, newsletter, Twitter, Facebook… anywhere. But it would help if you always made sure people are aware of what’s going on and that they aren’t misled in any way.

Also, the official program is called the WP Engine Affiliate Program. Other variations are not authorized, so please use the real thing. Click on that link to register.

  1. SiteGround

SiteGround is a famous shared hosting company serving more than 300,000 clients worldwide since 2006.

Their hosting packages are competitively priced and come with an excellent support team, agreeably one of the best in the industry. An Excellent new feature – “Google Cloud” CDN is exciting as it makes the website load faster without any additional configuration or fees.


The StartUp plan costs $4.99 per month. The GrowBig is $7.99 per month, while the GoGeek plan costs $14.99 per month. These plans are affordable to most people.  

Commission structure

Here is how much you will get for every sale you bring to them per month.

1-5 sales per month give you $50/sale

6-10 sales per month give you $75/sale

11-20 sales per month give you $100/sale

21+ sales per month give customized pricing

Your commissions will be calculated each month automatically on the preceding day of each month. It’s an excellent program for all who want to promote SiteGround services and get a stable source of income from their web hosting business.

The cookie duration is 60 days. So, you will get a commission even if someone comes back and purchase before two months.

  1. HostGator

One of the best programs on the market right now is HostGator. I believe it’s an excellent choice for most bloggers since about 3 million people already use their web hosting services.

What are their plans?

HostGator has shared web hosting, VPS/dedicated servers, WordPress-specific hosting, and Email services. Shared plans come with advanced features, unlimited disk space, and bandwidth, which is a huge plus for most bloggers because they need that more than anything else.

It will cost you $2.75 per month to get started on their shared hosting server. You can always upgrade to other packages.

How much do they pay for referrals?

1 to 5 sign ups = $65 per sign up

6 to 10 signups = $75 per sign up

11 to 20 signups = $100 per signup

21 plus sign up = $125 per signup

That means the more signups you can bring per month, the more the revenue. With 30 signups, you are on your way to $200 plus.  

Just like SiteGround, the cookie duration is 60 days. They host it on Impact Radius, a program that hosts Microsoft program, as well.

  1. BlueHost

BlueHost is a great web hosting company that offers a range of services, including shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting.  They have been in the space for over ten years and have grown immensely in the number of customers they serve, with an estimated 4 million websites under their belt.

Ever since EIG acquired them (which also owns many other big hosting names such as HostGator), they have offered their affiliate program to anyone that signs up without requiring you to use your link. Your commission will be paid out automatically by BlueHost for any customers you refer who go on to purchase one of their hosting plans.

Their pricing packages

They have different types of hosting and hence different pricing packages. The most affordable is shared hosting, which begins at $2.95 per month. That means anybody can get started pretty quickly.

How much do they pay?

They pay $65 for a single sale via your link. That means if you have 50 sales in a month, you will be making about $3,250.

Different from SiteGround and HostGator, BlueHost has a 90-day cookie duration. That’s long enough to maximize your earnings.

Getting started with the BlueHost program is easy.  All you need is your email address, head over to their official website, and fill out all of your information found under the signup tab.

After that, follow the remaining instructions to activate your account and start earning commissions.

Sales funnel software

5. Kartra

Kartra is one of the most all-inclusive e-commerce platforms on the market. Its impactful and robust features make it ideal for companies with large catalogs or diverse needs.


The platform offers digital download products alongside physical products, sold through various sales channels. You can sell individual products or put them into bundles to create an even greater value proposition—making it more convenient for customers to purchase everything they need in bulk at once.


Different from ClickFunnels, Kartra has four pricing plans with additional features. That ensures you have a wide range of options to start with Kartra. The Starter plan costs $99, while the Platinum plan costs $499 per month.  

Commission rates

It’s similar to ClickFunnels. They have a 40% commission rate. That means for the Platinum plan; you will get about $200 per month. If you get ten signs ups, you will be averaging about $2k per month. Isn’t that cool?

How best to promote the tool

  • Blogging – Write blog posts on your specific niche. Be sure to mention Kartra and provide a link to the Kartra website in your blog post for users to click on.
  • Paid Advertising – Use Google AdWords or Facebook ads to drive traffic directly to the Kartra download page or signup form (whichever converts best).
  • Social Media – Post on your Facebook wall, Twitter page, or other social media profiles to share Kartra with friends and followers.
  • Email Marketing – Mention Kartra in email marketing campaigns to drive traffic from previous website visitors exposed to these ads but haven’t yet taken action.

New Affiliates – Instead of promoting Kartra directly, refer new affiliates to the company so that any sale they get will earn you a referral fee in addition to commission on future purchases through these affiliate links.

6. GrooveFunnels

GrooveFunnels is a simple 3-step funnel builder that promises to revolutionize your marketing efforts. It offers a program where users can earn commissions without worrying about making sales themselves.

How much does it cost?

They currently have a free plan, which they say will remain free forever. Even though the plan has fewer features, it’s okay if you are just getting started. The lifetime plan is $1,997 and gives you access to all features and applications.

Commission rates

Groove Funnel’s program pays 20% one-off commissions for the sales you bring in if you are not their premium customer. But if you purchase their lifetime plan, you will get 40% of every client you bring in. that’s about $798.8 per sale. If you bring in 10 sales, you are on your way to $8k.

Their system is simple. All you need is to go through the application process, where it asks some basic questions about yourself and your business so they can assess whether or not it’s worth inviting you into their program.

If you’re accepted, they’ll give you a link that instantly connects to their funnel builder. Just share the link on your site, and you’ll start earning commissions from their users within 24 hours.

The email marketing niche

7. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a powerful email and SMS marketing automation tool for online business owners to grow their email list. They also have a fantastic program. With different tools to help you market for them, including:

– Free landing pages (you host)

– Customizable splash pages (again hosted by you)

– The ability to collect leads and sync them with your autoresponders (like Aweber or MailChimp).



ActiveCampaign has four pricing plans with different features to cater to varied email marketing needs. The Lite plan costs $7.50 a month, and the Enterprise plan costs $139.50 per month.

Commission rates

Their program offers 20% commissions on sales that you send ActiveCampaign’s way. If you send $200 worth of sales, you will have $40. That means if 20 people sign up for their services, you are already on your way to $800; there are good numbers to get you started.

Signing up is easy

First, you need to be an ActiveCampaign customer. Then, sign up for the program here. Once you’ve joined the team, all you do is add your unique link to any website or blog post you write about ActiveCampaign for it to track how many customers come in through that link each month.

8. MailChimp

It’s an excellent email marketing service that allows users to send autoresponder emails, schedule them for specific times, and add contacts. It is not a free service by any means, but it has been around since 2001, so their support system works well if you have questions or issues.

They have a marketing scheme allowing anyone with a blog to sign up and promote the MailChimp brand through links with a custom graphic banner. The banner links back to your Mailchimp account, where people can sign up for the free 14-day trial if they want.

Pricing plans

MailChimp has four pricing plans. The free option allows you to add up to 2000 contact a month with other simple features. The essential plan is $9.99 a month and has additional features. The final plan is Premium costing $299 per month and has almost all the features you will need to undertake effective email marketing.

Commission rates

You will earn $30 for every person you refer. In addition, the same person makes $30 worth of bill credits. That means if 50 people sign up using your referral link, you will get about $1.5k. Do the calculations per year and see how much you will be getting in passive income.

The signup process is simple. You need to follow some steps. How much you earn per signup will vary depending on the type of product or service they offer.

What’s the fastest way to succeed as a high-ticket marketer?

To succeed as a high-ticket affiliate, you need to undertake the following steps:

Step 1: Get to Know the Product

Since the focus of this method revolves around promoting high-ticket items, you will need to know what you’re going to be offering.

The fact that there’s a significant cost involved means that your audience will have high expectations of the product they’ll receive. So, don’t even think about promoting something that doesn’t offer value for money. [Remember, it’s not just about making money!]

If you do this correctly and promote a high-ticket item of real value, you will find your audience coming back for more and spending even more money – after all, who would pay $3,000 on a product without knowing what it is? Justifying this cost will silence any skeptics about the product.

Step 2: Research the Market

There are some things to get right before promoting a big-ticket item. This information is essential if you want to avoid ending up with potentially thousands of dollars in losses.

For instance, do not promote products for niche markets as you’ll find it hard to find enough people who can pay for them. Focus on promoting products that ad to your core business.

The other thing is that before making any significant investment, you need to know the seller’s credibility. You can’t just promote anything to your list and expect them to pay $3,000. What you need is a product that you know will work and be worth the investment.

Step 3: Stay in the Know

It’s easy to get excited after starting to promote a high-ticket product and expect your income stream to explode. However, this will only be short-lived if you don’t stay informed about the ups and downs of such marketing campaigns.

Here are quick tips that can help you stay informed:

  • Track your results carefully. You need to know how you’re doing with every campaign so that you can figure out what works and what doesn’t. Use tools like Google Analytics, Statcounter, or Crazy Egg to track traffic and conversions for each of your marketing campaigns.
  • Talk to others selling similar products to find out what works and what doesn’t. You can ask for advice online or join a marketing forum, such as the Warrior Forum. This way, you can learn from their failures and benefit from any success they achieve with your product line.

Step 4: Keep Your Promotions Consistent

Lastly, it’s important to remind people about your offer every once in a while. Being consistent with your marketing is the best way to see long-term results. So, you should try various methods to remind people about your product offer.

You can send out email newsletters, do video reviews, or even create free reports related to your products and offer them to increase your conversions. Just make sure you’re not spamming people’s inboxes.


Have you decided on high-ticket products to promote? Start with the Legendary Marketer 15-day Online Business Builder Challenge. It’s the best for beginners and teaches you how to promote other offers. Most people who took the challenge are now making passive incomes. 

Alternatively, you can try out the 8 in the list above. Just launch a blog, undertake SEO to get traffic, and begin providing value in your blog. People will notice this, spend time-consuming your content (just like what you are doing right now), and purchase your offers.