Do you use email marketing in your business? How profitable is it? Let’s talk about how to make money with email marketing in 2022.

Email marketing is a type of direct marketing in which businesses use email to send marketing messages to their customers, prospect, and other key audiences.

This can be an effective way for companies to develop and maintain relationships with their customers.

Gone are the days when you had to market via television and radio. As of January 2021, it’s estimated that around 4.66 billion people worldwide have access to the internet, and that number is growing exponentially.

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However, even as the numbers increase, you can still see many people using older ways to market with emails because it’s useful with these new technologies and works well with your products and services.

This method helps build trust between customers and products, along with making loyalty more common between them.e

Not only does it saves your time and money, but it also gives your customers a fun and easy user experience.

How to Make Money With Email Marketing and an Autoresponder Series?

Email marketing is an excellent way for online entrepreneurs to make money fast.

It allows you to automate your sales funnel and build a business within the comfort of your own home with little upfront investment required.

The problem with most marketers is that they expect immediate results from an untested strategy. If you want to succeed in building a profitable list, then you must first ask yourself this question:

“How can I get prospects interested in my content post?”

This seems like common sense, but it’s easy to forget when you’re overwhelmed by all the other “how-to” emails clogging up your inbox every day.

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Getting subscribers and getting paid from making money using email marketing isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Forget about cold calling, purchasing leads, or other business opportunities requiring you to pay upfront with a no-return guarantee.

You can set up your funnel and drive traffic to it with email marketing without spending a dime on advertising.

And once people start buying your products and services, the cash will roll in automatically.

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5 Ethical and Proven Ways to Make Money From Your Email List

So how do you make money with email marketing? Well, here are 5 tips:

1. Create a “hook” So People Sign Up for Your List

Do you want to be able to reach out to your list and give some good news?

But what if you don’t have a list of people who would be interested in knowing this?

It comes down to this: You need to offer some kind of incentive or “hook” that will make people sign up for your email list; something that they can get even if they don’t trust you yet, but still want to know more about what you have to offer.

So, What Can You Offer That Will Make People Sign Up for Your Email Campaigns?

  • Videos – these are very powerful, especially if you’re teaching something specific. For example, if you’re teaching how to do Facebook ads or make money online.
  • EBook/Reports – Again, these are great because they contain much information but in a more condensed format.
  • Checklists – People love these. They get excited when they see that shortlist of steps because they know it will be easy to follow.
  • Free Apps/Tools – Okay, this one is pretty powerful because it’s something people can actually get on their own, but if they don’t have the time to create it themselves, they are willing to give you their email in exchange for this.
  • Email Courses – These are great because you actually teach people how to do something without up-selling every chance you get.

The end result is to ask, “What do people ask for the most?” Of course, it has to be something that people will actually appreciate and get value from, but there is no easier way to build a great list than by giving away free stuff.

ways to make money

And here’s the best part: It doesn’t even have to be something big; five minutes of your time of valuable content goes a long way into creating an irresistible “hook”.

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2. Setting Up Your Autoresponder Series

Some people get all excited by the idea of delays and carefully plan their sequences to span over a month or more.

An autoresponder series can be powerful if used well. Let’s look at how we set one up.

Setting Up the Basic Structure

First, we need to choose our ‘deliverable’. The deliverable is the main piece of content that people will get from you through your autoresponder series.

This could be anything from the ‘hooks’ I shared above. The deliverable will be your series’ foundation, so make sure you choose something substantial enough.

Create at Least 5 Emails

You can have as few as three emails in your autoresponder series, though most people prefer at least five including one going to your thank you page.

And since delivering too little content also makes for a dead-end series (and doesn’t encourage your readers to trust you), it’s best for this initial sequence to go longer than eight emails.

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Create a Welcome Email

The last element to focus on is setting up our ‘welcome’ email, which is sent automatically when someone subscribes – and it’s a very significant part of your entire business, even if you’re launching something other than a product or service.

To do this, use conditional formatting (when subscribers click links to go to a landing page and do different things based on what they do, like pre-fill out a form or send them to a customized next step) and include an autoresponder series in this email, too.

By doing so, you’re able to hook new subscribers immediately and encourage them to sign up for your email lists instead of just deleting the email or ignoring it.

Different tools have a way of letting you set up an autoresponder, but those are the basics. So, check out your tool and create one accordingly.

3. Sell Your Product

You can also sell your own product to your email lists. It is really a matter of identifying what you are selling, who your target market is, and making sure they are the people receiving your product.

But before you start selling anything with an email campaign, there are three questions you need to answer:

  • What am I selling?
  • Who will be my customers?
  • How do I reach them?

The first thing most marketers ask themselves is, ‘What can I sell?‘ Often this crucial question is answered by money.

People say things like, “How can I charge for something free?” or “If it were worth something, someone would buy it already”.

Email List

This is the quickest way into the mentality that most make when creating value in their products. It`s not about charging for something already existing; it`s developing something new.

That’s the difference between ‘selling’ and ‘sharing’.

email subscribers

The next question to answer before you start selling through an email campaign is, “Who are my potential customers?

When this question isn’t answered correctly, you end up with the most common email marketing mistake – which is simply sending out a broadcast message to everyone on your list without making sure they want what you’re saying.

The final question to ask yourself before selling through a campaign is, “How do I reach them?” This isn’t always the answer you need, and that’s perfectly fine.

Sometimes, it just means you need to refine your sales message or even change your product offering. The golden rule of marketing is knowing what works and changing only what needs changing to get better results, not necessarily more results.

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4. Affiliate Marketing

The trick to this is to break up your list into smaller groups and send out different types of emails depending on where they are in the funnel.

The subscribers who are the newest should receive one offer, while those that have been with you for a month or two should get another type of e-mail altogether.

As time goes by, you can try testing different offers, too, because everyone responds differently to other things depending on how long they have been following along with what you do online.

The other option is to tell the consumer to go out and try different affiliate products because maybe they will find something that works better for their needs.

You could even recommend a few of your favorites, but everyone still only expects one sale per email blast.

That’s why it’s so important to get them into the money sales funnel – where they can follow your instructions on what to buy next without having to think about which product or service is best for them.

Most people already do something similar with big corporations like Amazon, Walmart, etc., once they become regular customers. It’s really not magic at all; it’s just how businesses operate, even if you may not realize it.

5. Upsell and Cross-sell

To effectively sell your affiliate offers using email marketing, ensure that your readers/subscribers will make purchases from you or click on the link inside each email (assuming you’ve already built enough credibility with them)?

One of the ways to achieve this is cross-selling and upselling. It all goes into understanding the customer behavior and having a value ladder.

By implementing cross-selling into your email marketing strategy, you will increase every customer’s order value while also improving retention rates.

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However, you need to ensure that customers receive this kind of information after they have purchased because they’re less likely to act on emails sent out during their checkout process.

Email marketing can do wonders for driving sales, and it all starts with understanding the psychology behind what makes each buyer tick.

Writing compelling copy is just half the battle—you should always incorporate clever cross-selling and upselling techniques in your transactional messages so you can strengthen engagement and conversion at the same time.

After giving out one of your freebies or discount coupons, don’t just push for an order then and there.

Instead, upsell other related products that might interest your reader/subscriber and let them know they’re available at a lower price than if they’d bought it directly from the manufacturer’s website. And also, point out other things you’ve thought they might like but in a subtle way.

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Here are answers to some of the common questions:

How Do I Get People to Subscribe to My Email List?

How can you build a list of subscribers who are interested in what you have to say? Simple; create attractive headlines and compelling squeeze page copy.

That means crafting your message in a way that subtly attracts readers. Having a headline isn’t enough – also include a strong call-to-action that invites people to join your email list and see what you have to offer them in the future.

Don’t just say “subscribe” or “join my mailing list” – instead, make it easy for readers to opt-in by using clear instructions such as: “Click here to subscribe,” “Enter your name and email address below,” or “Fill out the form below.”

What’s more is that you should include an incentive for joining – something like free content, a free report/ebook/software, exclusive deals and discounts, exciting product updates (i.e., special promotions and announcements), etc. Can you see how this approach can work in your favor?

After all, who would you rather trust with your email addresses: some random marketer or someone that has provided helpful information to you on multiple occasions?

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How Do I Set Up My Email List?

Well, there are a lot of ways to set up an email list.

One way is to have people enter their emails on your website when they sign up for a newsletter or download a free report or something like that. That’s called an “opt-in” email list.

The other way is to capture the emails off peoples’ address books by having subscriptions built into social networking profiles and things like that. That’s called a “re-targeting” email list.

But How Do You Get Those People?

Many opt-in plugins can help you in the email capturing stage. I like WordPress plugins because they are easy to set up and use. Here are the top 5 opt-in WordPress plugins.

You can also upload a “hook” onto Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or other websites that specialize in gathering contact data for you.

Different methods depend primarily on how you market and sell your products and services because every seller has a different situation.

The important thing is to have an email list. That’s where all of your prospects are these days – if they’re not using Facebook, they’re using Twitter or MySpace or LinkedIn or Google+ or something else instead.

You need to be where they are, or at least where most of them are, to get more business from them over time.

I use Getresponse or Aweber for my opt-in mailing list because it works well with WordPress sites, and the stats and reporting it provides are highly detailed.

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How Do I Close a Sale With an Email?

Assume you’ve done a fantastic job getting a potential customer to read your email. He clicked through from the PPC ad, opened the email subject line, and started reading it.

You have provided lots of value-added content in your emails so far, and this is the fifth such email you sent him during your relationship-building process.

What do you do now?

The answer is to ask for the sale. Don’t be shy about what it is that you’re after or afraid that he’ll think you’re sleazy or too pushy to get his business.

If he’s gotten to this stage with you, then he’s already been exposed to enough information from other sources, which have convinced him that he needs your product or service to be successful.

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You can use your email to make a specific offer to him for what he needs. In essence, this is closing the sale by asking her directly, “Is now a good time for me to send you information about how I can help you achieve XYZ?”

Make sure you don’t assume it is a good time based on any assumptions that may be incorrect. Of course, if he responds by directly answering the question posed by yours, then go ahead and make your offer.

It doesn’t matter if he says no the first couple of times. This is just part of your process of qualifying him as a potential client and getting closer to purchasing from you.

The more times you repeat the question without giving up or becoming frustrated with him, the better chance you have in converting this lead into a buyer and closing the sale.


That’s it. Those are the 5 various ways on how to make money with email marketing in 2021. You can sell your product such as a course, chrome extensions like I do, or other digital or physical products.

All the best in your email marketing journey!

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