Before delving into GetResponse vs Aweber, understand that email marketing is the holy grail of marketing. What was once direct response marketing on your mailbox at home has evolved into the sophisticated email marketing solutions available today.

Aweber and Getresponse are some of the most popular email marketing software available.

Choosing between two email marketing giants can be a daunting task. However, understanding the functionality and perks of each one can save you a lot of time and resources. Whether you are a new business owner or a seasoned entrepreneur, email marketing can transform your business.

getresponse vs aweber

Learning how to create email marketing campaigns, manage your list and draw new leads into your sales pipeline is crucial to your digital marketing efforts. A great place to start is by understanding what the different email marketing software on the market offers.

This article will take an in-depth look into Aweber and Getresponse. We will start with the basics, expectations, and how they vary. Then, we will further delve into the features comparing each one.

At the end of the read, you should decide which email marketing software between the two is better suited to your business.

Aweber vs. GetResponse: The Basics

Before comparing and contrasting the two, we need to look into each individually. Aweber was founded in the year 1998 and is privately held. It is headquartered in Chalfont, Pa, and serves 120,000 users.

Aweber offers email marketing and automation solutions, landing page builder, eCommerce pages, and web push notifications. In addition, Aweber promises more manageable, faster, and affordable email marketing and lead generation solutions.

email marketing tool

GetResponse is also an email marketing tool that began in a small Polish town. It describes its services as the best inbound marketing software online today.

They offer email marketing and email automation as well as a website builder. You can build landing pages on Getresponse and get access to a CMS right on the platform.

These tools are excellent for email automation, but the only way to know which one suits you better is by looking at the factors that differentiate them.

For example, Getresponse, an older company, has built many features unavailable to Aweber users. Aweber, on the other hand, offers flexibility and ease of use.

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What Do AWeber and GetResponse Do?

Aweber and Getresponse offer a suite of services geared towards making the life of entrepreneurs easier. While each one has different perks, the bottom line is to provide email marketing and automation solutions.

Here is a list of things in common between these two software.

Similarities of GetResponse and Aweber

While these two companies are entirely different, they do have many similarities.

For starters, they offer the same kind of services and compete for the same type of customers in the same marketplace.

They both offer a platform for email collection and list building. They also both provide automation solutions and lead generation features, including landing page creation and countless templates to choose from.

These tools are also crucial for anyone looking for analytic data. With both of these solutions, you will have access to a dashboard that allows you to keep track of open rates, click-through rates, and which subscribers are not taking any actions.

This is an essential aspect of email marketing as analytic data gives insights into what is working, needs improvements, and needs to be eliminated.

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Differences of GetResponse and Aweber

Some of the main differences between GetResponse and Aweber are the available features on the free plans.

Aweber Free Plan

The plan with Aweber offers a much broader set of features. The features you can expect to get on the free version of Aweber include;

  • Full access to the email autoresponders. You can easily set up simply automated responses to your mailing list subscribers.
  • The free version with Aweber also gives you access to an unlimited number of team members. You can add many teammates to your official business Aweber page without having to pay extra.
  • You also get access to an unlimited number of web push notifications with Aweber on the free plan.
  • You can easily accept subscriptions on the free Aweber plan and receive payments.
  • Campaign automation is vital for successful email marketing. Aweber also gives full access to unlimited campaign automation.
  • You also get access to unlimited landing pages and over 700 email templates at your disposal

GetResponse Free Plan

Getresponse comes with a forever-free plan as well. So this is what you can expect from the plan.

  • Build and host one website for free
  • You can set up a landing page for lead generation
  • You can add up to 500 people to your list
  • Use a drag and drop builder to set up your emails and send an unlimited number of emails.
  • Get at least 150 predesigned email templates

The Differences in Features

These two software are utterly different despite offering the same email marketing service. However, they are both feature-rich.

Here are the differences between the features you will get with Getresponse and those you get when using Aweber.

email campaigns

1. Aweber vs. GetResponse: Landing Page Creation

A landing page is a particular page on your website or an independent page that you create with the sole purpose of collecting new leads.

Lead generation is how businesses convert site visitors into buyers of their products or services.

An excellent landing page has several factors,

  • An offer
  • A form
  • A call to action

You can easily convert your leads into new buyers by using email marketing with these aspects. That is why an excellent tool for making landing pages is paramount to any marketing and conversion process.

Here’s how the Aweber and Getresponse landing page builder compare;

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Aweber has one of the most popular landing page builders online, as this feature is available on the free version. The landing page builder is easy to use and creates professional-looking landing pages. It is a great tool to drive traffic to one’s business, make more sales, and grow your business.

  • Drag-and-drop editor: It offers many free landing page designs and comes with a drag-and-drop editor perfect for tech-savvy people. You can easily promote a service you offer, sell physical and digital products, or simply test an idea you have.
  • Connects to Canva: The tool connects to Canva, allowing entrepreneurs to make professional-looking graphics without logging out of their accounts quickly. In addition, this is a great way to personalize landiñg page templates to fit your design and aesthetic.
  • Dynamic landing pages: Aweber landing pages are creative and dynamic. For example, you can quickly turn hyperlinks into rich text, add music, live videos, and so much more. That makes the software great for many users looking to take advantage of this feature.
  • Professional templates: Their professionally designed templates are perfect for different businesses. The gorgeous designs are easy to edit, and you can simply change text and colors and have a beautiful landing page.

In addition, there are hundreds of available templates that you can edit using the drag and drop builder.

Free email marketing and landing pages with AWeber


Getresponse also has a landing page builder that is great for all kinds of businesses. Like Aweber, this email marketing platform also has a free version that allows you to create one landing page.

Here’s what you can expect from the GetResponse landing page builder.

  • Templates: You get access to hundreds of professional templates that are mobile responsive. This is an excellent feature as more people prefer to use mobile to access the internet while on the go. In addition to that, the templates are easy to customize, and you have a drag and drop builder that makes it easier to add and edit sections.
  • Landing page builder: It is also imperative to note that the Getresponse landing page builder can publish your landing page under Getresponse free domains or add your custom domain to stay on the brand.

The Getresponse landing page builder is an excellent way for entrepreneurs and small business owners to draw in new leads and build their lists.

In addition, you can keep track of your marketing efforts by using the analytics tools available on your dashboard to keep up with the number of clicks, visits, and converting well.

automation tools

A/B testing is another critical way to ensure you maximize your landing page’s potential. You can use the method to determine what works better, and minor changes can increase conversions.

You can integrate third parties like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel to fully understand which part of your efforts are bearing fruits and why.

Responsive Landing Page Templates

2. Aweber vs. GetResponse: Segmentation

Segmentation in marketing is where subscribers on your list are grouped into segments depending on their reaction to your marketing activities.

Email marketing software allows you to create conditions that, when met, the customers are automatically segmented into groups as predefined.

You can choose different names for your segmented lists and decide what emails are sent to which list. This is vital in ensuring your message is relevant to your customer, and your communication is timely.

Segmentation is done differently in Aweber and Getresponse, but ultimately, both software allows you to create segmented lists.

Let us compare the two.

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Aweber Segmentation

  • Dynamic tags: Aweber lets you create dynamic segments that allow more personalized and highly targeted content. With Aweber, segmentation is easier and faster, increasing your sales. You can automatically add new subscribers or old ones to different segments depending on their activities. In addition, you can manually or automatically add tags to create dynamic segments of your subscribers.
  • Create tags based on opens: You can also create a segment based on who opened or did not open your emails. This ensures you don’t keep sending the same messaging to those who are keeping up with your emails, and you can retarget those that did not open your emails with a new headline or different message.
  • Tags based on clicks: Clicks are vital if you plan on closing a sale using your email marketing efforts. You can also create segments based on clicks, ensuring you take your customers down your sales funnel.
  • Tags based on purchase: Purchases are another great way to segment your email list. You can create separate segments based on what your customer purchased and how much they spent. This is critical in your retargeted email campaigns because you already know what customers are interested in and how much they are willing to pay.
  • Tags based on page visits: The pages a user visits on your site can be a great indicator of your customer is thinking about navigating. For example, if a customer goes to your about page, you can add them to a list of people who will receive more information about your company. Likewise, if they are interested in the price and add items to the cart, you can easily add them to your sales retargeting segment and offer discounts to prompt a sale.
  • Tags based on location: You can also segment your Aweber list based on location. This is another excellent way to send highly targeted messaging to potential buyers and regulars. This is especially beneficial for brick and mortar stores looking to get more people to come to their location.
  • Tags based on gender: You might have gender-specific products and want to market to the right audience. You can create segments based on the information given on your sign-up form. You can create segments based on age and gender, and other information provided.

While every business has a target audience, little undercurrents often set the individuals apart. Segmenting allows you to understand your audience better and, therefore, create your content based on their needs, and Aweber will enable you to do that.

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Getresponse Segmentation

Getresponse like Aweber also offers their customers access to dynamic email segmentation. For example, Getresponse allows users to edit, copy and manage their list segments.

GetResponse is great if you move from a different email marketing service or a list you need to import or export. This software makes it easy to export your contacts and organize your mailbox like a pro.

email editor

Tags allow users to segment their lists dynamically. That means that you can group people based on their similarities and address them based on their interests. This is a great way to keep people hooked on your messaging and is a great way to get paid.

  • Segment based on fields: Some essential functions available with Getresponse segmentation are; first, you can segment your list based on custom fields. This means that the information offered on your sign-up forms is used to segment and organize your list automatically.
  • Segment based on scores: Getresponse allows users to segment their lists based on their scores. You can score your subscribers depending on their actions on your website. You can then define your content to meet them based on that score to encourage them to take further action and improve their score.
  • Segmenting based on content: Segmenting is not just about sending similar messages to a small group within your list. It is also about separating and excluding some people from getting some of your messaging.

For example, you might find that some members of your list prefer video over text or vice versa. Excluding them to improve your open rate and CTR will be wise.

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3. Aweber vs GetResponse: Pricing

Pricing is done differently where these two are concerned. Both plans have free and paid versions, and each offers a different set of features on their free plan.

Aweber has always offered a free plan, but Getresponse recently introduced the free version.

Here is a rundown of what to expect from each of these software free plans;

getresponse pricing

aweber pricing

Aweber Free Plan

Aweber’s free plan is popular and offers many entrepreneurs an opportunity to get started with email marketing. The goal is to reduce the barrier to entry for small business owners that are new to email marketing and still have a lot to learn.

They deliver on their promise as they offer solutions for beginners, including automation which is not common in free plans.

Users also get access to unlimited landing pages with hundreds of free templates that you can choose from. This is an excellent way for any business owner to grow their list and make money from email marketing activities.

The free version is also great for people looking to integrate other systems they use with their email marketing. A great example is adding Facebook pixel and Google Analytics to get better conversions.

If you are already using a different email marketing software, you will access all the migration needs free of charge. In addition, it is easy and quick to add your contacts to your new Aweber account, and you don’t need to add credit card information until you are ready to commit to a plan.

AWeber Smart Designer

Getresponse Free Plan

Getresponse offers a free basic plan to its users, allowing them to get started without a high cost quickly. The plan with Getresponse will enable you to build out an entire website for your business at no cost at all. This is a great place to begin for new marketers who are just getting started online.

You can connect your business domain name to keep everything within the brand guidelines as you get started. In addition to that, you get full access to SEO tools that allow you to improve your ranking on search engine results and be seen by many people.

automation tools

Security is essential to any business website. Getresponse ensures that the site you build has an SSL certificate to prevent prohibited parties from accessing your website.

The free version is also vital to generating new leads for your business. Landing pages are made specifically to allow marketers to get lead contacts prompted down a sales funnel.

Getresponse allows users to create a single landing page that they can build from a wide array of predesigned templates.

It also gives users access to the full suite of email marketing capabilities. Email marketing includes sending unlimited emails and countless email templates with a drag and drop editor to edit the emails to fit your brand.

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Aweber Pro Plan

Aweber has two main plans. The free plan and Pro plan. The pro plan is subdivided into different sections, dependent on the size of the email list.

The official website has a slider to determine how much it costs to upgrade. Again, this is dependent on the size of your list.

Aweber’s Pros pricing plan is segmented into four main parts based on the number of subscribers. Note that the price point will vary depending on the size of your list.

  • 0-500 subscribers- $16.15
  • 501-2500 subscribers- $26.15
  • 2501-5000 subscribers- $46.15
  • 5001- 10,000 subscribers – $66.15
  • 10,000-25000 subscribers – $146.15

The features available on the pro plan include;

  • Unlimited features: The usage is unlimited where the pro plan is concerned. This means you can add an unlimited number of list profiles and send an unlimited number of emails, and finally, you get an unlimited subscriber list.
  • Advanced email marketing tools: In addition to that, The pro plan allows users to access advanced email marketing tools such as split testing. This is a critical tool that marketers rely on to improve their marketing efforts as they go.
  • Behavioral and automation tagging: This plan also gives users access to behavioral automation and purchase tagging. These are great tools for streamlining your retargeting strategy and maximizing your sales. It is a no-brainer that users of the pro version can get rid of the Aweber branding. This is great for bringing your branding to the forefront.
  • Split testing: Split testing allows you to quickly tell what is working as far as your opt-in forms go and what is not working. Customers are emotional beings who like convenience, and putting the correct text in the right place is not always easy. The only way to know what works and what doesn’t is by testing different versions of your masterpiece and analyzing the response from your target audience.
  • Advanced reporting: Another vital feature of the pro version is getting advanced reporting. This means that you can stay on top of what is happening in real-time and adjust accordingly.

In addition, get access to advanced message analytics, advanced audience analytics, webpage tracking, and email sales tracking.

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GetResponse Plans

Get response offers three separate paid plans that you can pay monthly, annual, or bi-annual and a free trial for all. Let us delve deeper to see what you get for each package.


The basic plan is for people with over a thousand subscribers on their mailing list. It costs 12.3$ per month, and you can pay annually or monthly. You get access to everything on the free plan and more with this plan.

  • Autoresponders: One of the things you will find on the basic plan is access to autoresponders. Autoresponders are a great way to make sure you automate all your replies and cut your marketing team in half. With segmentation and dynamic tags, you can easily set up your entire email marketing plan and focus on analyzing and improving what is proving fruitful.
  • Single landing page: You could only build a single landing page in the plan. The basic plan allows you to build an unlimited number of landing pages. In addition to that, you can also build an unlimited number of websites.
  • Basic segmentation: You also get access to basic segmentation with the plan. This is vital to ensure you send the right messages to the right customers at the perfect time.
  • Email scheduling: The final perk you get in the basic plan that we will discuss is access to email scheduling. Automation is the defining factor that leads to success when email marketing. Scheduling makes it easier to send emails without missing deadlines to keep your subscribers engaged.

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The plus plan gives you access to everything on the basic plan, and in addition to that, you unlock even more features. Like the previous plan, the price changes depending on how big or small your list is when registering.

  • Marketing automation: One of the features you unlock in this package is marketing automation. Marketing is vital to attract new leads into your sales funnels continuously. Automation saves you time and resources while sky-rocketing your efforts.
  • Webinars: Webinars allow users to create and host online seminars. They are often used as a strategy to develop new leads and explain the top-of-the-funnel concept faster and easier than you would with text. The plus strategy allows users to create unlimited webinars right on their dashboard.
  • Create teams: A lot of marketers work with teams. It is not uncommon for SMEs to have a small team in charge of different organization sectors. This plan allows the admin to add up to three users.
  • Contact scoring and tagging: It is another excellent feature that the plus plan unlocks. It allows you to have deeper insights into your list, making better marketing choices.
  • Advanced segmentation: The feature gives users more control over their lists. Getting access to this tool makes it easier for business owners to send more personalized emails and close more sales.
  • Sales funnels: They are imperative when marketing your business online. It is how you manage your customers by leading them towards a sale.

It is almost impossible to keep track of lead generation, engagement, and closing the sale without a proper sales funnel. Getresponse allows users on this plan to create up to 5 sales funnels to promote their business.

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The professional plans start at $81.18 for a list of a thousand members. This package gives you access to everything in the previous plans and additional features.

  • Complete automation: Users get access to complete automation. You get the full suite of automation features and absolute flexibility on what to do.
  • Create paid webinars: Webinars can be a great place to close sales. Many marketers use paid webinars to communicate and add value to their audience. This plan allows you to create paid webinars and get paid right on the platform.
  • Up to 5 teams: Additionally, the paid plan allows up to 5 team members to be added. This is great for businesses that quickly grow and have many team members.
  • Ecommerce features: These are vital when using email to market your business. The professional plan allows users access to a range of e-commerce features and tools that make it easier to sell products on your Getresponse account and using emails.
  • Unlimited sales funnels: Finally, another exciting feature is unlimited sales funnels. Users on this package can create as many funnels as they need to sell their products and services and draw in new clients.

Responsive Landing Page Templates


In case you have a list of more than a hundred thousand members, you have the option of getting your package customized to meet your needs. You can tailor the features to fit your team and your requirements. Pricing on the max package is also customized to what your business needs.

getresponse templates

4. GetResponse vs Aweber: Website Building

Website building tools are imperative for digital marketing. It is a feature that many entrepreneurs are looking for in marketing software. Getresponse and Aweber aim to offer their users a one-stop shop for all marketing activities.

This can come in handy, especially for beginners who want to set up their digital marketing activities in one place.


Getresponse offers a website builder that allows you to add your domain. It is a great tool available on both the free and paid versions.

The platform gives you the option of generating an AI website versus creating your own from scratch using a drag and drop editor or a template.

The templates available cover a wide range of industries from real estate, law, affiliates, and non-profits.

The available templates are already optimized for mobile, reducing the amount of work you need to set up your business website.

The AI-powered website needs you to answer a few questions regarding your services or products, provide a logo, layout your design preferences, and you will be set up in about 15 minutes.

You can connect your domain and buy an SSL certificate to your get response website. It is an excellent way for people with little experience building a website to set up their business online.

Make your emails interactive with AWeber and AMP for Email


Aweber does not come with an official website builder. However, it has a landing page builder that entrepreneurs and business owners can collect new leads and connect with customers.

The Aweber allows users to connect their landing page to their WordPress website.

Setting up and publishing landing pages is straightforward.

No coding or technical background is required with hundreds of professionally design templates.

It also allows you to add automation that is critical for tracking data and getting a clear picture of what is happening.

AWeber Click Automations - Click this, send that

5. Aweber vs GetResponse: Analytics

Email analytics allow marketers to track how their email campaigns are going. With the help of google analytics and Facebook pixel, marketers can review the data being sent back in real-time and make decisions.


Getresponse offers tools to analyze and track data. Security is essential when handling client information. It ensures all your data is in one secure location.

Analytics on Getresponse is geared towards helping business owners better understand their customers. By gathering data on customer behavior and preferences, users can create relevant and engaging content that their subscribers are more likely to enjoy.

A slight change can have a massive effect where marketing is concerned. A combination of excellent copy, sound design, and an impeccable value proposition is the recipe for successful email marketing. Getresponse focuses on helping their users make data-driven decisions to increase sales.

Analytics also allows users to get an all-rounded view of what is happening across their platforms. It is easy to tell which platform brought in the best results and which campaigns performed the poorest. Using this information, marketers can double down on what’s working.

aweber getresponse

Getresponse allows its users to analyze their subscribers’ patterns and optimize their email marketing to match those preferences. In addition, users can track click-through-rate, compare campaigns side by side and compare desktop and mobile data.

A/B testing is another crucial feature that you will access with Getresponse analytics. A/B testing or split testing is where you run two campaigns simultaneously with slight differences in your landing pages to determine which one performs better.

Doing this ensures you’re putting your resources on the best bet.

Make your emails interactive with AWeber and AMP for Email


Aweber offers analytics that simplify email marketing for users. It allows you to track your customers’ actions by looking at everything from open rates to sales.

Additionally, Aweber makes it easy to customize your marketing efforts based on the data you are getting. For example, it is easy to create segments based on your customer behavior with a few clicks.

Engagement is the goal when people put out marketing campaigns. Aweber analytics allows users to send better emails that readers can’t wait to receive.

Aweber recently launched a mobile app to keep track of analytics while on the go. This feature is great for solopreneurs and people looking to stay on top of their business.

AWeber Smart Designer

6. Aweber vs GetResponse: Customer Support

Support is vital for sophisticated software with multiple features like Getresponse and Aweber.

While the entire software allows non-technical people to access digital services, integrations and other aspects can be difficult for people new to the systems.


Aweber offers unparalleled support to its users. They introduced an around-the-clock support service to make the process of getting help more accessible and faster.

You can reach their customer care operatives through phone support, email, or live chat on the software interface.

Aweber also has a lot of content published to address some of the most frequently asked questions in their blog section. This makes it easier for people searching for the solutions online to get the details they need to get unstuck.


Customer support is given keen interest where Getresponse is concerned as well. From 24 hour support to availability across multiple media, customers love the ease of solving problems where Getresponse is concerned.

You can quickly access help through live chat or simply send support an email to solve your problem. Email support is available in more than 8 languages, and there are countless answers already available at the help center.

Get response allows users to access answers through a search button that gives access to an archive of articles and videos.

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7. Aweber vs GetResponse: Autoresponders

Autoresponders are programs built to automatically send replies to a set of email addresses depending on several variables. To keep your messaging relevant and timely, you get to set up autoresponders on your email marketing platform.

Aweber offers autoresponders even on their free plan. While you may not get the full suite of services, you can set up automatic emails based on whether you welcome a new customer to your list, follow up on an old lead, or send an abandoned cart message.

A great email sequence can be game-changing for anyone looking to automate their email marketing activities using Aweber. You can easily track any happening and edit and tweak your emails to increase conversions.

Getresponse also offers sophisticated autoresponder software. Autoresponders save time and money as you would not need to write the same email every time someone new subscribes to your list.

Autoresponders are available on GetResponse paid plans. You can use this feature to add new emails to your cycle, manage your campaigns, and schedule when and why subscribers get emails from you.

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8. Aweber vs GetResponse: Drag and Drop Email Creator and Email Templates

These email marketing software feature a drag and drop builder on their interface to make it easier to build pages and newsletters. While Getresponse offers a broad scope of service with their website and landing page builders, it gives users ease in building out pages.

Both software has a selection of prebuilt templates that users can change and tweak to match their brand personas.

getresponse aweber

The landing page builders are not the only section with a drag-and-drop builder; both software makes it easy for their customers to create beautifully designed newsletters using the drag-and-drop builder.

The benefit of this type of building software is that the users can easily make additions and changes to their websites without a technical background.

No code is required to make well-designed landing pages, website pages on Getresponse, or email newsletters. It takes a much shorter timeline, and the results are cleaner than if one had to build from scratch.

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9. Email Marketing & Marketing Automation

The reason why people use Aweber and Getresponse is to maximize their email marketing activities. Email is arguably one of the best and most effective forms of digital marketing.

When a business builds up a list, they can better nurture and communicate with them and turn them into paying customers.

Getresponse offers several features to help their users maximize the impact of their email marketing activities. For example, you can easily send one-time newsletters that are beautifully designed and also use automated autoresponders to create sequences to nurture your customers.

Getresponse also allows email automation and scheduling, significantly reducing its effort to stay consistent.

Bloggers also get the chance to share the latest on their blog with their subscribers, which significantly increases the amount of traffic sent to each post.

Paid add-ons are available for transactional emails that allow businesses to send receipts and reminders to their customers.

Aweber is also a reliable and robust email marketing and automation software. Like Getresponse, users can send newsletters designed right on the software and keep track of conversions and other important metrics like CTR and open rates.

Aweber also offers automation and autoresponders to ensure their users can easily schedule emails and create sequences.

Free email marketing and landing pages with AWeber

10. Web Push Notifications

Both Aweber and Getresponse offer their users the option of adding web push notifications. Web push notifications are actionable and timely messages sent directly to a customer’s browser.

The benefit of using these notifications is that you can offer discounts and keep your customers better informed. They are especially beneficial for engaging subscribers and keeping them informed and engaged between marketing campaigns.

Other Features

There are several other features that you will find in the paid versions of Getresponse and Aweber. Some of these extra features you can access include;

Facebook Ads

Social media is vital for drawing in new leads and engaging the customers you already have. For example, Facebook ads are viral among markets as the platform boasts over a billion daily users.

By adding a Facebook pixel to Aweber and Getresponse, users can keep track of their campaigns to figure out what is successful and what needs to be done away with.

AWeber Click Automations - Click this, send that

Conversion Funnel

Getresponse offers conversion funnels, as discussed above. Unfortunately, this is not available to Aweber users. You can, however, use a third-party funnel builder and connect it to your Aweber account as an integration.

Getresponse allows their paid users to build many conversion funnels within the software. This saves time and money as you will not need expensive funnel-building software.

Conversion funnels define the path your leads will follow towards making a purchase. A great email marketing software will allow you to nurture your customers and prevent them from dropping off your sales pipeline.

Integrations and Apps

Many businesses use several different applications and software when running and managing their business activities online. Integrations allow you to access your apps on the platform and streamline your workflow better.

You can add integrations to your Aweber and Getresponse accounts as long as you are on a paid version of the software. The free versions are helpful but limited in what you can include.

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Frequently Asked Questions

AWeber vs GetResponse: Conclusion

Aweber or Getresponse? When it comes down to choosing one over the other, it would require the individual to weigh each option.

Aweber is an excellent platform for small businesses with a large budget to set up sophisticated marketing activity online. It offers a wide range of automation and management tools that business owners can use to manage their online marketing activities.


Getresponse, on the other hand, is a one-stop-shop for digital marketing with a website builder, landing page builder, funnel builder, add-ons, and a wealth of features.

So Getresponse can be useful for people looking for one place to manage everything. Each of these platforms is great, depending on what you’re looking for in your business.

Small businesses need email marketing services to start building up client lists from the beginning. Understanding what each of the software offers is a great place to begin. And that’s the end of our GetResponse vs Aweber review guide.

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