Before we talk about GetResponse pricing 2022, I think you can agree that marketing via emails is an excellent way to get your online business on the map today. With the growth in mail marketing, so has the number of email marketing automation tools grown.

GetResponse is one brand that has stood the test of time and prevailed to be one of the top email marketing software available today – it boasts a massive user base of up to 350,000 customers.

With many features and automation, businesses can get value from using GetResponse as a primary marketing tool. We will look at the GetResponse pricing and what’s in each package.

Different pricing plans give you access to several business features you can use to market and automate business operations.

Before we get into the different plans available to you, let’s take a deep dive into understanding the tool first.

What is GetResponse?

Simon Grabowski founded GetResponse in the year 1997. Since its inception, it has seen multiple upgrades and an increase in the available features.

GetResponse is available in more than 100 countries and exists in more than 20 languages. The platform describes itself as the world’s most accessible email marketing platform and has a staff team of mo0re than 300 people across the globe.

GetResponse is a global organization with offices in Poland, Canada, Russia, the US, and Malaysia. This platform is multifaceted, offering entrepreneurs a one-stop-shop for all their digital marketing activities.

What does GetResponse do?

GetResponse is more than two decades old. It is one of the most highly integrated online marketing tools available online today. In a nutshell, GetResponse allows its users to run high-impact campaigns that drive growth.

One excellent factor to note is that small businesses and large businesses can utilize this platform seamlessly.

With a range of features available to users, you can use GetResponse to manage and run all your online marketing activities in a single place.

Not only do you get access to email marketing and automation tools, but you can also build landing pages or your entire sales funnel right on your dashboard.

GetResponse Pricing and Plan

It gives entrepreneurs a birds-eye view of what is happening in their business. GetResponse is also an excellent platform for anyone looking for a scalable platform. You can increase your suite as you go and match your business needs.

The benefit of including GetResponse into your marketing activities is that you can quickly build a targeted subscriber list, send out newsletters and automate your responses based on user activity.

This platform has hundreds of ready-to-use email templates that you can choose from for your email marketing activities. In addition to this, you can send out video emails, edit images or run webinars all within the platform.

Some big brands that trust GetResponse includes; Hilton, IKEA, Carrefour, and the list continues. It is an excellent platform for businesses of all sizes. Easily cater to all your business marketing needs without fear of downtime.

Getresponse Pricing and Plans Comparison

With the massive scale of users, GetResponse pricing this 2021 offers an array of plans to its customers. The GetResponse pricing plans differ based on the number of tools available to you.

What serves one company might not necessarily fit the other. With GetResponse pricing for this year, you have the freedom to choose what you need and even customize your plan if you have scaled beyond what is available to you in the provided plans.

Let’s check out GetResponse pricing for each package;

1. Forever Free Plan

The company recently introduced the free forever plan. It offers an excellent way for beginners to test the software and get acquainted with its interface. When you first sign up, you use it for free for the first 30 days.

Yes, you don’t have to make any commitments to sign up for the free trial. You need no credit card information, and with only an email address, you will have the full suite of features available.

Once your trial period has ended, you have the option of choosing one of the GetResponse pricing or staying on the free forever plan. You are probably asking what you can do with the free plan. Let’s see the available list of features available to you on the forever-free plan.

Website/Landing Pages Builder

The website builder is one of the most popular features of GetResponse. Building a website in the traditional sense requires in-depth knowledge of website creation tools and code.

That would mean paying a team of developers to design your website, and you have to contend with whatever choices they make in some design aspects. With the GetResponse website builder, you don’t need to have any coding knowledge or even know how to design a website to build your site.

You have two choices when it comes to building your website. First, you can answer a few questions explaining your vision and what your business does. Once this is done, you get an AI-generated template ready for use with your business details.

Choose from the templates provided, which are fully editable to create a unique website for your business. It is an excellent solution to small businesses starting online and barely having an online presence.

Some cool features available in the website builder include the drag and drop builder that is perfect if you are not tech-savvy. You also get ready-made page sections that you can edit to your desires. You can create a multipage website quickly and easily with GetResponse with this website feature.

GetResponse email

Can I optimize my website with GetResponse? You can. This platform is a marketing platform that understands the benefits of optimizing your site for search engines. Quickly and easily optimize your site and get found on search results.

To make all these worthwhile, GetResponse pricing offers you analysis tools to keep track of what is happening. You can track the people who clicked on your site and make better decisions for your business based on data.

Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing tools are one of the flagship services offered by GetResponse. So, you can expect one of the world’s most powerful email platforms at your fingertips.

The email marketing package is feature-rich and perfect for beginners in the GetResponse pricing free plan. It all starts with the gorgeous templates available to you. You can easily edit the email templates with drag and drop features to make them match your brand aesthetic.

Creating your email from scratch means thinking of a design that will appeal to your subscribers and still developing it and filling it with your email copy. This can take a long time without the help of templates.

The benefit of having templates available to you is choosing from templates that have worked for other marketers. A simple change can trigger a very different reaction from your users, as is apparent in many A/B testing exercises.

If your online store is set up on GetResponse, you can easily add products to your emails and promote specific product sales.

Email sequences are a gift to marketers around the world. Sending out a thank you email alone to every buyer that purchases your product or service is time-consuming.

The free GetResponse pricing plan gives you access to these email sequences that help you create better relationships with your customers.

Lead Generation Tools

You can’t enjoy the powerful features offered if you have no customers to serve. The lead generation feature is an excellent way to bring in new clients and start nurturing them.

With GetResponse, you can build landing pages to attract new customers into a sales pipeline. GetResponse pricing plan has a customer relationship management feature that acts as your sales pipeline.

The lead generation tool allows you to create a system that your entire business can run on like clockwork.

You can get these features available when you sign up for the free forever plan. Why not give it a shot. You have nothing to lose. Here is the link.

2. Basic

The basic plan is the lowest costing plan available on the platform. While it comes at a relatively low price of $12.40, it is packed with features many entrepreneurs and small business owners need.

The basic plan allows you to send an unlimited number of emails to your subscribers and tracks clicks to give you a clear picture of the reception you’re getting.

The website builder on the free version cannot allow you to add a domain and comes with GetResponse branding. The basic plan is excellent if you want to add a domain to your website.

In addition to adding a domain, this plan allows you to use custom HTML to edit and change up your site to fit your needs. If you are unfamiliar with coding, you still have multiple predesigned templates you can edit with the drag and drop builder.

Autoresponders are another great feature that you will unlock when you join the basiç plan.

With an autoresponder, you will create automatic responses beforehand based on the actions your customer takes ahead.

Segmentation is another excellent feature that, along with the autoresponder, allows you to customize your email marketing. This feature will enable you to partition your customers and create different email sequences for them.

You have several options with which to segment your customers. You can separate them based on geolocation, contact action, or even their consent field.

In addition to all this, the basic GetResponse pricing plan allows you to integrate your Google and Facebook ads. You can create sequences that will trigger based on what customers do when interacting with your ads.

3. Plus

The next plan, which is also the most popular plan, is the plus pricing. It costs $40.18 monthly. This GetResponse pricing plan is an excellent option for businesses already using different platforms to run their business. With the plus, you get access to a lot of integration, including;

  • Google analytics
  • WordPress
  • Shopify
  • Wix
  • Magenta
  • Zapier
  • Social media

Allowing these integration gives GetResponse the mandate to crawl your site or platform for analytics.

GetResponse Plan

You can keep track of clicks and other actions on your site and create automated sequences based on them.

The package gives you access to the webinar feature. A webinar is simply a seminar held online.

It is an excellent way for entrepreneurs to connect with users and even to increase sales. The feature also allows you to create and manage up to 100 webinars.

Automation of the basic GetResponse pricing plan is limited. With this plan, automation goes beyond birthdays and thank you emails. You can create drip campaigns, abandoned cart triggers, and tag and score your contacts.

You can also send push notifications or choose to automate your emails based on events.

A conversion funnel allows you to take your prospects down a pipeline along your value chain. This one-direction thinking enables you to reduce unnecessary references that distract your prospect from the goal of converting.

This plan allows you to create an unlimited number of lead and lead magnet funnels. You can also create as many webinar funnels as you please with this plan.

4. Professional

The professional GetResponse pricing package gives you access to everything on the previous package and more. It costs $81.18 each month.

With the GetResponse pricing professional plan, you have access to more sophisticated webinar features. Instead of only running live webinars, this feature allows you to run paid webinars and on-demand webinars.

In addition to that, you can have multiple users accessing the platform on the same account. You can add up to 10 users, and you get the option to manage their roles on your dashboard.

This platform is excellent for a small business that is scaling. The 24/7 available chat and email support ensure you and your team members always have help when you need it.

5. Max

The max package is everything and then some, where GetResponse is concerned. Also known as the custom plan, this GetResponse pricing plan gives you a full suite of services that you can customize for your business needs.

This GetResponse pricing plan is perfect for large businesses and agencies that use GetResponse for client work.

What you get with this GetResponse pricing plan is that you can have multiple accounts under the same plan. You can also migrate one account to a new one if need be.

In addition to that, you can have massive teams of up to 500 people under the same business.

You also get a dedicated IP system for your business when you choose the custom GetResponse pricing plan. This ensures all your data is saved in a single place with dedicated support.

SMS marketing is another powerful digital marketing tool that a lot of businesses have embraced. This suite unlocks the SMS marketing option that is not available in any other plan.

The experience you create for your customer can make or break any business. The custom GetResponse pricing plan gives you access to a dedicated engineer to manage customer experience.

In addition, you will get a straight pass to phone support lines. You don’t have to wait in line for customer support services when on the max plan.

Select max customers also get access to a slack support line. This is, however, not available to all the customers. It is entirely dependent on what you add to your customization.

Pricing is not similar for different clients on this plan. You will be charged based on what you add to your package and the magnitude of your list.

Pros and Cons of Each Plan

Each GetResponse pricing plan is different from the other. You get more or less automation and support depending on how much you’re spending every other month. Check the advantages and disadvantages of the available GetResponse pricing plans.





Free access to website builder

Free lead generation tools 

Free email marketing 

Limited access to top features 

Contains GetResponse branding 


Relatively cheap 

Access to email and chat support 

Access to segmentation tools

You can connect a domain

Access to paid ads

Access to conversion funnels 

Unlock eCommerce tools 

No access to live webinars

No phone support 

Webinar funnels are not available 


You can build drip campaigns to keep users interested 

You can tag and score contacts 

You have full access to abandoned cart triggers

Access to more automation compared to the previous plan

You can add more users to your account 

You unlock the webinars feature for up to 100 attendees 

You get up to 3hrs of recording storage

No web push notifications 

No on-demand and paid webinars 


Great for larger teams 

Add up to 10 users to a single account 

Unlock access to push notifications

Get access to on-demand and paid webinars 

Get up to 6 hours of recording storage 

Access web push automation

Get an unlimited number of sales funnels 

No access to transactional emails 


Access dedicated support 

Access to a dedicated IP address

You can choose to rebrand the software 

You will access development strategy support 

Increase webinar bandwidth to a thousand attendees 

It is expensive 

GetResponse Pricing Comparison Between All The Plans

Each GetResponse pricing plan is excellent, depending on where you are in your business. Larger businesses need more automation, more support, and more space to handle the large lists and various campaigns.

Smaller businesses and solopreneurs, on the other hand, can quickly get by with a smaller plan. They can then scale up or down based on their business needs.

Here’s a rundown of the GetResponse pricing of each plan and what you get for it.

Free plan

Basic plan

Plus Plan

Professional Plan

Max Plan





Custom Pricing

Website builder

Email marketing

Everything in the basic plan

Everything in the plus plan

Everything on the previous plan

Email marketing

Website builder

Unlimited Bandwidth

Up to 10 uses

Up to 500 accounts

Lead generation


Add up to 3 active websites

Live webinar with 300 attendees

Up to 500 users

5 GB bandwidth

Sign-up forms

Build from scratch automation

Web push notifications

Dedicated customer experience engineer

Landing pages

Drip campaigns

Web push automation

Phone support

10 GB Bandwidth

Contact tagging and scoring

Unlimited conversion funnels

Slack support

Import and export contacts

Abandoned cart trigger

Abandoned order recovery

Dedicated IP


Visited URL automation


Assisted warm-up

Role management

Push notification

Up to 5 active websites

Single sign-on

Email support

P[purchase automation

Unlimited subpages

Rebranding options

24/7 chat support

Dynami segmentation

Unlimited bandwidth

Marketing accelerator

Google and FB ads

Split automation

SSL security

Development strategy support

Conversion funnels

up to 3 users

Custom domain

Transactional emails

Which Is The Best Plan, Based On My Needs?

If you’re still unsure of which GetResponse pricing plan to go with, you should use your current business metrics to make a choice.

The free forever plan is perfect for absolute beginners. The rest of the plans will give you access to all the business tools for 30 days to test and get acquainted with the software interface.

After the 30 day trial period, you can choose to remain on the free plan until you know how to use the software to your advantage.

The GetResponse basic plan is great for small businesses with a slight loss or yet to build a list. You get access to the features that are most important to your business without spending too much money.

The basic plan can be helpful for people who want to start maximizing email marketing but still don’t have many leads.

You can use this GetResponse pricing plan to generate more leads and uniquely brand your business. Having the option of including your domain is always an excellent way for a company to stay on brand and appear more professional.

GetResponse email autoresponder

When your business scales, so will your needs. The plus plan can be beneficial if you already have a growing list and aspire to integrate webinars into your marketing.

You can quickly and easily run your entire webinar on one platform and efficiently automate every step of your sales process.

Small and medium-sized businesses can get a lot of value from this plan’s extra support and integrations.

Massive corporations typically employ a lot of team players and need broader resources to cater to their many needs.

Therefore, it would be unreasonable for them to choose a GetResponse pricing plan that does not accommodate their bandwidth. The 500 accounts and dedicated IP address make the custom plan perfect for handling all the logistics.

Use that as a framework to make you think about your own business needs. Choosing an expensive GetResponse pricing plan to maximize integrations and features that you might never use is a waste of resources.

On the other hand, not taking advantage of the extra features can slow your growth. It is all about striking the perfect balance.

Where To Get Started With GetResponse

Getting started with GetResponse is simple for the most part. With just a few clicks, it should set up your account and be ready to go.

First, click on GetResponse and choose to sign up for free if you want to get started. You will land on a simple sign-up page where you will use your email address to create an account and set up a password. Note that you will need to authenticate your account using your email. Ensure you use an email address that you can access.

After creating your account, you will get prompts to guide you through the interface. You can choose to start by importing your contacts or by building a website. You are free to take action based on your business needs.

A lot of information is available online to help you handle any issues you encounter when getting started. You can also contact customer support on the platform.

GetResponse Alternatives

GetResponse mail

There are several email marketing platforms available online today. While each of them is essentially email automation and management system, they come with varied features. Choose from a variety of software based on your business budget and needs.

Some great alternatives to GetResponse include;


Aweber is a great platform to grow your list, engage your audience and increase your sales. Like GetReponse, it comes with features that allow you to build your landing pages, track conversions and automate your process.

Some of its top features include push notifications, email automation, and segmentation. It also comes with a variety of plans that change based on the size of your list.

If you are an e-commerce business owner, various features allow you to increase your sales and manage your customers. In addition to that, you can easily integrate third-party platforms such as WordPress and your social media accounts.


It is a popular email marketing software that you can use as an alternative to GetResponse. Like the other email marketing platforms. This software allows you to grow your list and manage your email marketing activities.

It has a great free plan that new business owners can use to start their email marketing journey. The free version has several beautiful templates you can use to begin communicating with your list.

The tool allows you to create visual workflows and has automation features to automatically put your entire email marketing. You also get an excellent landing page creator with a drag and drop builder, perfect for people who are not tech-savvy.


Another great alternative that you can consider using is ActiveCampaign. This is a great email marketing software that many entrepreneurs around the world are using. It comes with all the primary email marketing functions, such as list building, list management, and sending newsletters.

Some other notable features include eCommerce functions. Some great eCommerce tools include abandoned cart email automation, win-back campaigns to convert customers falling off your pipeline and product promotion emails.

This platform also allows free migration, free customer support, and you don’t pay for contacts that are not subscribed to your list. In addition to all these, you get free online training on making the most of your account.


How Much Does GetResponse Cost?

GetResponse pricing varies depending on the plan you choose. There is a free plan. The basic plan costs $12.30 per month. The professional plan costs $40.18, and the plus package costs $81.18.

Does GetResponse Have a Free Plan?

Yes, GetResponse recently released a new free plan. You also get full access to software for 30 days when you first sign up.

Which is Better, Mailchimp or GetResponse?

GetResponse offers more features, while MailChimp provides excellent analytics and beautiful templates. GetResponse is, however, more powerful as one can build complex workflows quickly, unlike with MailChimp.

What is GetResponse Used For?

GetResponse is an online marketing and automation software. It helps users grow their customer base, nature those customers, and boost their sales.

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GetResponse is an excellent email marketing tool for marketing your business. It is overall a simple interface that has a short learning curve. You can scale your business and skyrocket your sales with GetResponse.

GetResponse is one of the best tools for inbound marketing available online. From forms, landing pages, analytics, and automation, this software is highly sophisticated and all-inclusive. The funnel builder is an excellent addition as it costs a lot of money to use dedicated funnel-building software.

Get familiar with the GetResponse pricing plans and choose the one that fits your needs best. It all starts with taking action and trusting in the power of online marketing to see great results. I hope this GetResponse pricing plan review has helped. Sign up today for the free trial.