Do you send emails to your customers? I’m guessing you do. Do you know that it has an insanely high return on investment? Well, let me enlighten you by giving a list of the Best Free Email Marketing Services.

The list should help you move the needle. Since the tools are free, it’s worth trying them out. You have nothing to lose.

Let’s check out.

1. Aweber – up to 500 contacts   

Aweber is among the top email service provider tool on the internet right now as recommended by marketers. Everybody seems to have either used it, using it or wanting to try it.

This is what it offers to you for free:

Subscriber List

Aweber allows you to create one list of up to 500 people and send up to 3,000 emails in a month. That number might be small compared to other marketing services such as ConvertKit or MailerLite, but it comes loaded with other powerful features that can up your game.

Aweber email marketing


They allow you to create and send newsletters, product promotions, or lead-nurturing sequences easily with the help of 100 ready-made templates and the drag-and-drop email builder. They also offer automation for all your marketing processes.

Segmentation And Reporting

Tag your audience based on their interactions, segment them, and send customized emails to the basic segments. That will improve the click-through rate (CTR) since the emails are now more personalized.

They also allow basic reporting of simple messages and subscriber analytics. You will need the premium plan to access an in-depth analysis of your audience.

Landing Page Builder

You can build unlimited landing pages fast with the help of a ton of predesigned templates and thousands of professional images. If you are selling digital products, utilize the Aweber e-commerce feature to do this. They allow you to add a custom domain instead of going with the generic one.

You can also connect Google Analytics and Facebook pixels to your landing pages to have an in-depth tracking of activities on your landing pages.  

Excellent Support Staff 

Some other companies don’t offer call support with the free plan. That’s not the case with Aweber. The company provides live chats right on the website, emailing, and calls all day long. You will get help from their dedicated support team.

Other Features  

Aweber has other features in the free plan. It allows integrations with other apps, web push notifications, team management for agencies, and free migration.

2. ConvertKit – Up to 1,000 Contacts

It’s on my list of best free email marketing service providers because of the fantastic experience it offers to Individuals and other B2B marketers. It’s a conversion-focused marketing tool.

Here are the features in the free plan:

Audience Growth

ConvertKit allows you to create and grow an audience of up to 1,000 people and send unlimited bulk emails per month, receive unlimited traffic, create unlimited landing pages, and unlimited signup forms to collect leads and direct them to your funnels.

Convertkit Email marketing

Thanks to their newsletter templates and email template library.  

Email Newsletters

Unlike other tools that allow you to create email automation,  ConvertKit allows you to send unlimited broadcasts or newsletters to your audience.

You can broadcast one responsive email to a segment of contacts, tag them based on their behavior, and access in-depth subscriber analysis right on the dashboard.   

Digital Products

If you want, you can sell digital products such as e-books right on the platform. Just upload your products, give a description, and publish them. Instead of hiring a developer to handle all the technicalities, including setting an API gateway, ConvertKit has it all done for you.

Their transactions rates are 3.5% + 30c.  

NB: I just found out that the feature isn’t available in some countries. They are still rolling it out worldwide.

Free Support

They have an excellent support team for their customers. I mean, who wouldn’t want a little help here and there when navigating the site. Try them out. Ask them about their services today. They will reply within a few seconds.

They have an online chatbot on the site, calls, and mailing for someone who likes it like me.

Free Online Courses

The company has a bunch of online courses to help business owners get started. They are available for free on their site.  

The curriculum has two courses, each with four modules and 20 lessons talking about an essential aspect of marketing. You need to try this out.

3. GetResponse –All Plans Are Free for 30 Days

The email tool doesn’t really have a free plan. What it does is allows you to use any of their pricing plans for free without entering any credit card information for 30 days.

The email plan is the most affordable at $15 a month, and the enterprise is the most expensive at $1199 a month.

Let’s see the robust features it offers in the free trial.

Marketing Autoresponder And Other Features

The tool has a wide range of features. All the plans allow you to create unlimited landing pages and forms, autoresponders, and tag-based marketing to personalize your emails to your segments.

Getresponse email marketing

The enterprise and max plan allow email sends reports, web-based tracking, list segmentation, and automation workflow. That means most of the additional premium features are in the two plans.

Email Deliverability And List Size

The people on your list will determine the total cost. That means if you have 1,000 subscribers, expect to pay $15 per month to have enough sends per month. $25 per month will be for the 2,500 users, and $45 will be 5,000 users.

As your list size grows, you will need to scale up and move to other servers to receive unlimited subscribers and other features. Remember, the prices mentioned are for the first plan only. The Max and Enterprise charge a slightly higher rate.  

Advanced Features

GetResponse has many advanced reporting and real-time analytics features such as Salesforce integration, Custom DKIM, autofunnels, and webinars to cater to webinar creators.

But remember, these advanced features are in all other plans except the first plan.

4. MailerLite – Up to 1,000 Contacts

The email marketing software was formed in 2010 to provide effective and profitable marketing solutions to enterprises and niche bloggers.  So, if you are starting out, MailerLite can help you set the ball rolling.

This is what is included in their free plan:

Connecting With Other Apps

MailerLite allows you to integrate your dashboard with other favorite apps. These apps can be work management tools, eCommerce stores, and others. They even allow API integrations for payments.

Best Free Email Marketing Services.

Landing Page Builder

Building a landing page or sign-up forms with MailerLite is pretty simple. You just need to choose a template amongst the ones at your disposal and customize it. Within a few minutes, the landing page is published and directing traffic into your pipeline.  

Deliverability Rate

With the free plan, you can automate your processes, tag and undertake advanced segmentation based on behavior, and undertake A/B testing for your email delivery such as copy, subject lines, and even the call-to-actions.

Marketing Campaign

It also allows you access to a drag-and-drop editor, rich text editor, and built-in photo editor to enhance your marketing efforts. It also helps you to send mobile-friendly newsletters to your mobile audience.  

Customer Support

MailerLite has excellent support staff. They mainly offer 24/7 mailing support to individuals with the free plan. However, you can also visit their knowledge base full of guides and a bunch of video tutorials that can fix any issue at hand.


Email List Growth

Apart from allowing you to create landing pages to collect leads, you can also embed sign-up forms on your website, pop-ups whenever someone reaches the bottom of the page, subscriber management.

5. Moosend – Up to 1,000 People 

Founded in 2013 by Yannis Psarras, the tool has grown to be the best for small enterprises and entrepreneurs.

So, if you are looking to leverage the power of email marketing to grow your service or product business, Moosend can help a great deal.

Let’s see what if offers for free. 

Marketing Content

The tool allows you to create and send campaigns, create a signup, pop-up, embeddable, and inline forms. You can do a log with a form, but you need a landing page to convert traffic to leads.

The tool seems to preserve the landing page creation feature and subscriber limit for their pro plan, which goes for $8 a month.   

Marketing Automation

You will also have a bunch of templates and design tools at your reach. That includes custom-coded responsive templates, countdown times, a form and conditional content, and all-engine product recommendations. You will also be able to crop and resize any image you like.


The free plan also allows you to track opens and clicks from your contacts, page visits, unsubscribes and complaints, product views and purchases, and other custom events. That’s a whole lot of analytics for a free plan, right?

moosend email marketing

Reporting and Insights

You will also get real-time reports of events, email heatmap analytics, Google Analytics (this is an excellent tool), geography and device reporting, and spam analysis. You can agree with me that you can’t get this in-depth reporting from other free tools.

Support and Services

The free plan will allow you to mail them about an issue, give you access to their knowledge base where you can get answers to almost any issue, and chat with them live on the website. They have other support options for the pro plan, though.

Integrations and Connectivity

The tool gives you API access and integrations with over 100 other valuable applications in a single dashboard. That ensures you can integrate the platform with other favorite tools.

6. MailChimp – up to 2,000 subscribers and 10,000 emails per month

It’s one of the most popular email marketing services today. The tool comes with several pricing packages to cater to your needs and a free plan for you testing the waters.  

This is what they offer for free:

Email Marketing Tool 

Email marketing is profitable for your eCommerce businesses with the right email strategy. You need it to engage and warm up your cold leads and convert them.

With MailChimp, you will have a free list of up to 2,000 email addresses. You can later segment the list based on audience interests and send up to 10,000 emails per month. And since you don’t want to keep on creating, why not automate the whole process with one-step automation?

You can also send conversion-optimized subject lines from the subject line helper.

Marketing Platform

MailChimp has a marketing platform that allows you to create multichannel tools to launch, manage, and promote your business. That includes making the following:

  • Postcards
  • Social Posting
  • Facebook Ads
  • Landing Pages
  • Instagram Ads

Landing pages are increasingly becoming effective in converting people into leads. That’s why MailChimp offers incredible landing page templates that are optimized for conversion.

Branding And Email Marketing Tools

You need a powerful brand and send beautiful emails if you are to make it online. That doesn’t just mean a logo, website, and tagline. You need a signature, social media posts that align with your brand message and colors, and other essential tools.


MailChimp offers you a creative assistant, a content studio full of graphics and such, and basic email templates, countdown timers that you can customize to create dynamic content.

250 Plus Integration With Other Apps

MailChimp also allows you to connect with some of your favorite apps such as Stripe to receive payment, Squarespace for design, Drupal to convert leads, and Shopware to help in leads acquisition and conversion.

With these apps, you can be sure to maximize the power of email marketing.

Support for 30 Days

They also offer mailing support for up to 30 days. That means if you have any issue with the setting up of your base, you can always consult them.

You will also have access to the MailChimp knowledge base full of value-packed guides and articles on email marketing.

Mobile App

MailChimp understands that you will want to check out the performance of your emails on the go. Since you always spent a considerable amount of your time with your phone and not your laptop, you can install their mobile app and monitor your email marketing campaign.

Isn’t MailChimp excellent?

It is.

It offers so much more value in its free plan than any other company I know. Sign up for a FREE account with them today.

7. Sendinblue – Unlimited Contacts But Only 300 Emails in a Day  

Sendinblue offers both SMS and transactional email services. It comes with marketing features and advanced reporting capabilities. You can only send 300 emails per day and hence 6,000 emails per month. However, you can collect unlimited subscribers.

The tool has three premium email marketing plans and one free plan. Here are the features in the free plan:

Email Marketing Tools

The tool allows you to send and personalize emails and SMS to your custom audiences, use their free mobile-friendly email editor and designer, get access to their email templates library, and a whole lot of other cool features.


User Management

You can collect unlimited emails per month, segment them based on user behavior or interest, and manage them in one inbox. You also have a Customer Relationship Management feature right at your disposal to manage them better. You can also create customizable signup forms for your mailing list.  


Marketing Automation

The workflow editor helps you view and edit the entire marketing flow from lead acquisition to fulfillment and track your page for any visitor events. The marketing automation workflow is only available up to 2,000 contacts.

Transactional Platform

Sendinblue allows you to send transactional SMS and emails with access to an API feature and advanced templating language if you like sending SMS. The 300 emails per day limit will be removed beginning from the lite pricing plan.

The tool also allows real-time reporting of all your email marketing activities

Support and Integration

If you want to integrate Sendinblue with other apps such as Google contact lists to manage your SMS marketing, RSS, Typeform, and others, you can do so. They will provide email support for any issue you may experience.  

Compare Best Free Email Marketing Services



  • Free Up to 500 Contacts


  • Free Up to 1000 Contacts


  • All Plans Are Free For 30 Days


  • Free Up To 1,000 Contacts


  • Free Up To 1,000 Contacts


  • Free Up To 2,000 Contacts


  • Unlimited Contacts but only 300 emails in a day

My Verdict

There are a lot of free email marketing services and tools out there, some better than others. But these 7 were well worth mentioning because they have an insanely high ROI (return on investment).
They’re all great in their own way but we wanted to share the ones that helped us move the needle as quickly as possible.
So if you want to try it for yourself, give them a spin today! You won’t lose anything by trying them since they’re free.