Email marketing is a terrific method to reach out to your prospects and customers as small business owners. Its 122 percent average return on investment is worth investing time and money in, but coming up with email marketing campaign strategies isn’t as simple as it appears!

best email marketing ideas

Email marketing campaigns may only be just to sell your company. Still, to send out the correct material, you must first design a captivating, engaging, and effective email marketing campaign.

Consider how many email campaigns have landed in your inbox. Have you gone through all of them? Did you take action when they were given to you? Or did you just delete them without giving them a second thought?

We’ll go through things to keep in consideration when coming up with your email marketing campaign ideas, and you can scroll down to see the best email marketing ideas we’ve shared for both goods and service-based corporations to get some inspiration.

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Tell Me The Purpose Of Email Marketing?

Email campaigns are a vital aspect of inbound marketing. It is a continuous process in which marketers connect with clients at any step of their journey.

Inbound marketing recognizes not everybody is ready to purchase from you right now. That is why email is such a vital communication tool. You can remain top of mind with email by sending messages directly to their inbox, and you can do it at scale using marketing automation tools.

It’s critical that readers of an email campaign have signed in to receive this information and that each item is valuable.

Here are several examples of different goals you may create for your email campaign:

Traffic Generation

Email may be a powerful tool for promoting the high-quality information you publish on your website.

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Not everybody who joins your mailing list is ready to make a purchase. You may utilize email campaigns to stay top of mind while giving them the most relevant instructional information.

Lead Nurturing

While you’re keeping front of mind, think about how you can identify the leads with the highest buy intent and give conversion-focused material that “enriches” them toward a purchase.

Revenue Generation

You may use email marketing campaigns to encourage upsell and cross-sell chances to your existing clients.

You can also use campaigns to gather sales conversions from leads on the verge of purchasing. (One instance is developing “abandon cart” efforts to recoup lost sales leads.)

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Tell Me The Difference Between HTML And Plain Text In A Good Email Marketing Campaign

Even if you flunk art class in high school, you’ve lived long enough in the information age to be able to create a professional-grade email campaign.

Drip, ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, and a slew of other services make it simple to add a few design elements, add some content, and schedule the send.

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Alternatively, you may genuinely nail your design aesthetic by working with a professional digital artist to help you create a look that will appeal to your target demographic.

People can know you’re serious about your brand if you have a superb email design. A fantastic design also allows you to stand out from the crowd.

People, maybe most crucially, want to look at a properly prepared email. While a well-designed HTML email may undoubtedly catch people’s attention, many advertisers and statistics will tell you that plain text is the best way to proceed.

HTML emails may be mistaken for spam or fail to arrive in the mailbox at all, but they are more effective at driving clicks and delivering a captivating, visual story. On the other hand, plain text emails are simple to write, deliver at a higher pace, and seem more direct and personalized.

The essential element to consider is the type of email marketing you intend to launch. HTML emails are probably a better choice if you’re showcasing your goods or promoting to a large audience.

On the other hand, the plain text makes more sense if your purpose is to establish a personal connection—for example, if you’re sending an email to a single person.

How To Make Your Email Advertising Campaign Ideas Effective

You could have an excellent idea for an email marketing campaign, but it will most certainly fail if you don’t execute it effectively.

People receive 121 emails every day on average, therefore making your mail stick out is crucial. Let’s start with the best practices you should be aware of before moving on to email marketing campaign ideas.

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1. Establish A Goal Or Target

What are your expectations from this email marketing strategy? Ensure you can clear this up clearly.

Your email marketing campaign plan should have a clear goal in mind. You should have a core purpose in mind, as well as an overall topic for the one or multiple emails you’ll be sending.

It’s not as easy as sending emails with the proper tactics; it’s about coming up with the perfect marketing campaign concept first and then using the right strategies to make it happen.

2. Segment Your Target Market

While your customers may share common interests, such as your company or sector, they are not all the same. Keep in mind that you’re working with actual individuals, not simply an email address book.

Segmenting your audience divides them into different groups based on demographics, behaviors, and interests, among other factors.

subject line email marketing campaigns email marketing campaign ideas

For example, you may have a part of your audience interested in investment, which means you may create content that would appeal to those considering investing.

Your audience and business will determine how you segment, so getting to know your prospects and clients is crucial.

3. Make Use Of Customization

Segmentation and personalization go hand in hand. When you customize an email, you don’t only put your subscriber’s name in the subject line or the body of the message.

It indicates that you are delivering the subscriber relevant, helpful material that is personalized for them. You’re focusing on an interest you know they have and offering value, like in our previous investment example.

That might be as easy as sending an email on a birthday or anniversary. Again, how you customize may differ based on your audience, but it’s a terrific way to show that you’re paying attention to them.

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4. It Should Be Skimmable

Nobody enjoys reading a long email with a lot of text in it. If you’ve piqued someone’s interest enough to get them to open your email, take advantage of their time by sending them an easy-to-read message.

Allow the subject line to assist by providing context and keep the email copy brief, simple, and written in a human-like manner.

When writing the message for the email campaign, keep your primary consumer in mind and compose it in a voice that will connect with them and slice through the congestion in their inbox.

Consider whether your recipient can understand the broad meaning of your mail without reading it word for word. Rewrite it if they can’t!

5. Experiment with A/B testing

A/B testing compares and contrasts two versions of your email to discover which one performs better with various readers. It’s time to try something new!

Over time, you’ll be able to quit speculating about what could work and instead know what’s truly working.

email marketing campaign subject line email marketing campaign ideas

You may test factors like which subject lines are much more likely to be opened, what period on a particular day works just fine, and which calls to action lead to the most clicks when creating your email marketing campaign ideas.

This requires a little more effort initially, but it will assist you in fine-tuning your email marketing efforts until they are as efficient as possible.

With MailChimp and Direct Mail platforms, you can quickly integrate A/B testing to test multiple subject lines, text, and graphics.

6. Mobile-Friendly

By 2020, 46% of emails will be opened on mobile devices, which is unsurprising given how much time you all spend on your phones.

It’s already a no-go if someone reads your email on their phone and can’t read it. Look for tools that can help you optimize your emails for mobile when picking an email marketing solution like MailChimp, Direct Mail, or Campaign Monitor.

Before sending your emails, have a peek at how they’ll look on both desktop and mobile devices and decide whether it’s something you’d like to look at.

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7. Avoid Being Spammy

You must first get it into your audience’s mailbox if you want them to engage with your email marketing campaign.

Even if your email isn’t intended to be spam, it may be screened as such and never reach your intended recipient.

email marketing tips email marketing tools email marketing campaign

Apart from following standards such as GDPR, CASL, and Might-SPAM, additional factors such as using a lot of exclamation marks, all capitals, or making it impossible to unsubscribe can also drive your email straight to the garbage bin.

Spam filters can be complicated, so read MailChimp’s tutorial to learn how spam filters operate and how to avoid them.

8. For Effective Email Campaigns, Have A Gif

We frequently utilize animated GIFs to convey emotion on the internet. They’re often bigger and more straightforward to understand than emoticons. They give many of the same benefits as video without the enormous file size or lack of email software support.

You should try to include them in your marketing emails on occasion. They’ll give your advertising efforts a human face and maybe even a few chuckles.

Look for a good reaction GIF to use in your next email campaign once you’ve decided on a marketing message. You could get a little more goodwill and a greater response rate as a result.

If you perform a lot of digital marketing, you probably already have a lot of email content ideas on your website. You might create a weekly article round-up of the most popular pieces. Alternatively, you may adopt a series of long-form blogs into a series of short lectures.

Look through your statistics dashboard for the articles that receive the most views and shares.

Make a list of your productive work and send it to yourself. Include a link to the article’s title and a summary. If users can’t tell that the title is a hyperlink, provide a “Read further” button.

Another suggestion is to incorporate narrative into your emails to entice your recipients to click through and discover more.

email marketing campaign email marketing campaigns email marketing campaign ideas email marketing tips email marketing tools

When you curate material, you not only increase the number of people who open your emails, but you also increase the number of people who visit your website and read your most good blog articles. It’s a win-win situation.

If you’re selling food-related items, collect some fantastic recipes and send them out regularly. Include dishes that include your products.

In your email marketing strategy, make it possible for customers to shop for your products

Make it simpler for consumers to shop for your items to increase sales. Why not allow customers to purchase directly from your email? The most effective campaigns make a compelling offer and drive visitors to the appropriate page.

If you’re mailing to introduce a few new items, for example, include the product name, photo, description, and price right in the message’s body. Of course, a call to action should be included so that shoppers may add the item to their shopping basket.

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10. With A Single Call-To-Action, You Can Keep Your Campaign Simple

When it relates to design, sometimes less is more. If you’re sending out emails with many clickable components and you’re not getting the results you want, it might be time to de-clutter your design.

Consider sending a brief message with only one call to action.

Since your customer is only provided with one goal at a time, you significantly reduce the risk of confusing or diverting them.

email marketing campaign subject line email marketing campaigns email marketing campaign idea

Remarketing to inactive clients in their inbox is another excellent approach to utilize email marketing to pull them back into the fold.

Make a list of folks who have previously purchased from you but haven’t done so in a long time. Then, send them an email with a promotion code and text that entices them to return as consumers.

Remember that one of the most effective email marketing uses is to keep clients. Also, keep in mind that acquiring a new client is often less expensive than keeping (or reacquiring) an existing one.

11. Encourage Your Audience To Participate

Consider offering subscribers something “just because” if you’re searching for a terrific strategy to contact folks at the top of the sales funnel.

People adore discounts, special deals, and, of course, receiving stuff for nothing. If you’re selling something, give away a free sample. If you’re offering a service, give them free access for a short period.

You’re implementing the “Green Eggs and Ham” marketing principle when you do that. You’re encouraging others to try it so they can be confident they’ll enjoy it.

Here’s an illustration of a complimentary beverage from Starbucks. We appreciate how they phrase the offer—rather than starting with “free coffee,” they add, “this one’s on us.”

It’s a friendly approach to express “thank you” to consumers without coming off as spammy by using the term “free” throughout the email.

12. If A Client Forsakes Their Cart, Send Them A Reminder Via Email

Customers occasionally come close to completing a transaction but fall short. They ditch their shopping basket, which is still complete with items.

Why? There might be a wide range of causes for this. People tend to change their minds. They become sidetracked from time to time. They do some comparison shopping now and then.

Whatever the case may be, you must reclaim those consumers. Why don’t you send them an email reminding them of their abandoned shopping cart?

Make a deal with them to get them to finish the sale. Include a promo code or a free delivery option if possible.

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13. Make A Newsletter For Your Product

Create a product letter to email out weekly, biweekly, or monthly to dramatically improve sales.

This is a fantastic approach to offer content, goods and keep your company in front of customers’ minds.

email marketing campaign email marketing tools email marketing campaign ideas

Using a product newsletter helps you fine-tune your brand while regularly providing tremendous value to your customers.

This also enables you to try out what goes and doesn’t regularly, improving your emails over time.

14. A Fun CTA Might Help You Get More People To Participate In Your Campaigns

If you’re considering adding “Click Here” to your CTA button, reconsider.

Take a look at the sample from InVision. The brand employs language like “The Sweet Spot,” “Say Hey,” and “Use Your Phrases” to entice people to take action, which is a nice change of pace from the usual “learn more” or “buy now” CTAs.

As a result, the message appears less official than many other marketing communications.

15. Take Into Account The Frequency Of Your Campaign

How frequently do you intend to send emails? You’ll want to remain in touch continually, but not too often, or people may abandon your site.

You’ll need to do some severe preparation ahead of time to get your email flow down pat, laying out the purpose of each campaign and how each following email will be dispatched depending on the user’s actions.

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16. Make Your Email Marketing Campaign A Little More Urgent

“In 24 hours, this URL will self-destruct.”

Doesn’t that seem a little ominous?

But guess what? It also generates clicks. Some of those clicks will almost certainly result in conversions.

Consider how you might make your marketing efforts more dramatic to get visitors to click through.

Tips For Email Campaigns For Small Businesses In 2022

Now that you’ve known how to build an email marketing campaign for your small business, what’s next?

These small company marketing tactics can help you take your approach to the next level.

Routine is the enemy when it comes to email campaigns. Always be on the lookout for fresh email marketing ideas to assist you to keep generating valuable and compelling email content.

Inboxes will be a battleground for marketers in 2022. Because your contacts are receiving an increasing number of email solicitations from other businesses and rivals, you’ll need to give them compelling reasons to read your email.


The quality of your email content is one of the cornerstones of email deliverability and participation in 2022. Don’t worry about how many emails you send. Nobody enjoys being inundated with promotional texts on a near-daily basis.

Instead, concentrate on crafting emails that your readers want to read. Make sure your promotions provide material that your subscribers will find helpful.

Asking your subscribers what sort of material they’d like to receive when they join up for your email list is a terrific approach to guarantee you’re meeting their expectations.

Using an embedded form rather than connecting to a link is nearly always preferable for sign-up forms. It’s much easier for new members to join your mailing list if you include your sign-up form.

Another typical technique to ensure that your users have the opportunity to enroll is to employ pop-up sign-up forms.

If you want to utilize this function, keep in mind that you should not disrupt the user’s experience. A pop-up form is likely to discourage website visitors from subscribing if you don’t provide them with the opportunity to connect with your content naturally.

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Encourage Them To Join Up In Any Way You Can

While we’re on the subject of forms, ensure you provide your consumers as many opportunities to register to your emails as feasible!

This is one of the most excellent pieces of email marketing advice we can provide you: Wherever possible, provide email sign-up options on your website. On your homepage, contact page, crucial landing sites, and in your footer, include a sign-up CTA.

email marketing campaigns email marketing campaign ideas email marketing campaign subject line

If you run an eCommerce business, make sure to provide consumers with the choice to opt-in to an email list on the checkout page when they’re already inputting their email accounts to complete orders.

A login clipboard functions just as effectively in physical and mortar establishments! Simply ask your clients at checkout if they’d like to be kept up to date on your company’s news and special offers.

Sending Out Automatic Emails

If your small company hasn’t started sending automated emails yet, 2022 is the year to start. Automated emails can help you strengthen consumer relationships while saving you time and effort.

Set up an automatic invite for new customers if you issue a regular newsletter. This will set the tone for your partnership and establish trust amongst your business and your new connections.

You may also create automatic emails based on a contact’s previous activity. You can, for example, contact your consumers about their favorite products or things that are complementary to those they just purchased.

Even better, you can send customers who haven’t purchased in a while automatic re-engagement emails.

Allow Readers With Cognitive Or Visual Disabilities To Read Your Emails

In 2022, having readily available material is already a significant subject among email marketers. Material that can be accessible by visually impaired email subscribers utilizing voice assistants and screen readers is referred to as email accessibility.

Just do a few things to ensure that your mails are obtainable:

  • Keep your information short and easy to read. Avoid industrial jargon and use bullet points and brief phrases.
  • Use headers to ensure that screen readers receive your text in the correct sequence.
  • In the ALT tags of any photos, including helpful descriptions.
  • Use a typeface, style, and colors as readable as possible in your email.
  • For any links, provide descriptive anchor text. (A link labeled ‘Click here’ does not give enough information about the destination URL for someone using a screen reader.)

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Keep Your Pledge Made At The Time Of Sign-Up

Inboxes have become a hallowed zone now that authorization of email marketing has become the standard.

For many people, their email is a curated collection of personal information. As a result, it’s no wonder that individuals are more careful about what they sign up for.

In addition, they have no qualms about clicking ‘unsubscribe’ if the information is no longer relevant.

To keep your list, you must adhere to your sign-up commitment in content and delivery. If you say you’ll send a monthly email featuring chocolate cake recipes every month, you’ll send it on the same day every month.

Encourage New Customers To Add You To Their Contact List

What’s one strategy to ensure your message lands in your subscribers’ inbox? Because you’re on their contact list!

Include wording in your welcome email that invites new subscribers to add your sending email account to their address book. This email marketing tip will enhance your deliverability rate because the contacts effectively inform the email service provider that they want to receive your emails.

Another strategy for raising your open rates among Gmail subscribers: Simply request that they drag your email from the “Promotions” page to the “Primary” tab.

Product-Based Business Email Marketing Concepts

While you should undoubtedly emphasize the product on its own when coming up with email advertising campaign concepts for your goods and brick and mortar stores, remember to go outside the norm with how you express the benefits of a product and what it’s for.

What issues does the product tackle, aside from how it works? What kind of outcomes can you anticipate?

Here are some email marketing tips:

Dates To Remember

Important occasions in your company’s calendar are a terrific reason to get together with your audience and celebrate. You can commemorate your company’s birthday, the day you first made a profit, or any other significant occasion.

Can you use your company calendar to put out the important dates and see how many email possibilities you have?

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Emails Announcing Contests And Giveaways

A giveaway is one of the most potent sorts of promotional campaigns you can ran. Reaching out to your ambassadors via email is a beautiful way to get the ball moving and start generating entries for your customer loyalty program.

email marketing campaignsubject lineemail marketing campaignsemail marketing campaign ideas

All you must do is send out an email announcing your offer, highlighting the prize, and instructing people on how to enter.

This is especially effective if your offer encourages people to share your promotion with their social networks, as it allows you to use the power of your list to increase exposure and bring in new subscribers.

Emails Announcing The Winners

Every time you conduct a contest or a giveaway, you must make the winner of your contest public. This will offer them closure, increase transparency, and provide you with an excellent excuse to go out to your audience and try to engage them.

You may thank consumers for participating in the contest, tease them about future competitions to keep them engaged, urge them to purchase the goods they didn’t win, and even give them an exclusive deal to help drive sales with your winner announcement emails.

Emails Announcing New Releases

When you have a new edition in your shop, ensure your followers know it. After all, they’re the people who are most likely to be interested in your current product.

If you want to pique people’s curiosity, even more, you may offer some subscriber-only offers.

Announcements For The Beginning Of The Season

If your company has a peak season or special seasonal deals, attempt to email out a reminder at the beginning of the season.

This is a highly successful strategy that can be used by just about anybody.

Apparel stores commonly employ a tactic to show off new seasonal lines and firms in the travel sector to showcase the season’s most significant locations. Still, it can be utilized by just about anyone.

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Strategies For Email Marketing

You have the option to share:

  • Product updates, such as new features or launches
  • No-cost materials, such as how-to articles, own blog posts, and instructions
  • Emphasizing lesser-known characteristics or functions
  • Animations or movies of your product in use
  • Best practices and advice
  • Answers to frequently requested questions
  • A research project of how someone uses your item.
  • Training alternatives available (like webinars)
  • Deals or discounts
  • Positive feedback about your product
  • Your item is being featured in the news, in the app store, and so on

Strategies For Email Marketing Campaigns For Businesses That Provide Professional Services

When you’re providing a service rather than a product, developing email advertising campaign ideas might be more challenging.

You can’t rely on product-related advice, updates, or features to communicate and enhance brand loyalty, so get creative with how you can provide value to your existing customers while still advertising your company and keeping it top of mind.

All of the email marketing campaign ideas below may be applied to a product-based firm as well.

Strategies For Email Marketing

You have the option to share:

  • Your go-to industry-related applications and tools
  • A survey or poll
  • Suggestions for social media accounts to follow
  • Your favorite podcasts about your industry
  • What are some of your favorite industry-related blogs?
  • Your blog and social media posts
  • A case study of results you’ve obtained for a previous customer
  • A list of your favorite books/authors in the sector.
  • Industry-specific best practices and advice
  • Positive feedback about your company
  • Ask for feedback about your company.
  • Business news, such as an anniversary or an award
  • Create a Facebook/LinkedIn Community for your clientele.
  • A free ebook
  • A gift or a contest (ex: a free consultation)


Final Words

There are many methods to connect with your email list, whether you’re offering a product or a service, so you can remain high on the agenda while giving value.

When it relates to email advertising campaign ideas, be creative. Remember that the final aim is to provide your potential customers with helpful something that will remind them of the value you’re providing.

Remember to consider your unique audience and avoid limiting yourself to email advertising campaign ideas that might work or not for you – you are the expert on your prospects and customers.

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