Affiliate marketing email templates are great tools to use when you’re building an affiliate website, and it’s one of the primary ways that I’ve grown my online business.

As far as strategies go, email marketing can fall into the “slow but steady” category. Affiliate marketing email templates work overtime by continually driving traffic back to your site and building relationships with new visitors.

But how can you save time and streamline the whole process? The answer is by building killer affiliate marketing email templates.

How To Build Fantastic Affiliate Marketing Email Templates

Are you an affiliate marketer?

If you want to promote your free sales offers via email list, you will need an email template to grow your business.

It’s not hard coming up with one. Once you understand the basics of email marketing and can pinpoint exactly what your audience wants, you are on your way to getting a bang on your buck.

Email templates are a great way to streamline your email marketing efforts. They can save you a lot of time and creativity, whether they’re designed specifically for a campaign or used as a starting point, enabling you to tailor them more quickly – especially if you have multiple campaigns going on at once.

Why Do You Need an Email Template?

A template also presents an excellent opportunity to show off your brand’s design without sending additional images along with the copy – hence fewer attachments clogging up your recipients’ inboxes. You can pick the best parts of a design and streamline it.

The result is achieving a unified look across all your campaigns, which means that they become an essential part of cohesively building up awareness of the brand or company’s identity.

affiliate marketing email templates to be used

What Should Be Included in an Email Template?

Many factors should be considered when creating affiliate marketing email templates, such as the language used, the text structure, and the overall design.  

We will go through each of the basics below:  

The Tone

It would be best if you considered how formal you want your affiliate marketing email templates to read. The tone of voice needs to be appropriate for your target audience.

For example, if you were sending out a mass email to customers, it would make sense that the tone was informal.

But if you were sending out a significant update regarding company policy, you would want it to have a more serious tone of voice.

Sentence Structure

Another essential element to consider is using the correct sentence structure so your reader understands what your point is without thinking about it.

Your sentences are advised to be short and to the point, with no flowery language or complex vocabulary.

That means avoiding using complex words in the body of your affiliate marketing email templates except when necessary for accuracy.

I will expound more on this.  

The Design

It would be best to design your affiliate marketing email templates to be easy on the eye. The more aesthetically pleasing your email is, the more likely people are to read it.  

Consider making your affiliate marketing email templates as reader-friendly as possible by including a “view online” link, which will allow those who don’t want to download an attachment to access the information from their browser still.

In addition, many small designs feature matter and need to be included, such as using bullet points or numbered lists.

The Correct Email Structure

I will always go for simple affiliate marketing email templates since the whole point is to make the reader click on the call-to-action button or link.

Some bloggers like to beautify the template and include too many unnecessary elements that make the emails slow to load. So, affiliate marketing email templates would help if you struck a balance between visuals and simplicity.

The Subject Line

In today’s world of spam and junk mail, a good email subject line can be the deciding factor on whether or not you open an email and read it.

A lame one can turn you away from reading at all. All we see now is “Your account will expire soon” and stuff like that – pretty unimportant – which means important messages go ignored by millions of people every day.

I will explain to you later on how to create compelling subject lines that get high open rates.

The Introduction

Now that your subscriber has opened the email after reading the first line let’s talk about the introduction.

You see, the introduction should be as compelling as the first line. Your affiliate marketing email templates introduction should capture the interest of the reader and make them want to read the following sentence. 

An introduction should be a question, a fact, or anything that can capture the reader’s attention. Yes, that’s the primary purpose of an introduction.

For example, when announcing your new affiliate offer, you could use an introduction such as, ‘have you been getting poor open rates lately?”

The Body

The body should have most of the information about your offer. I know most people like long emails, but you should go with a concise one.

Aim to not only give the features of the offer but the benefits. Most people give the features and think they are doing it OK. No, people buy based on the benefits.

Align each idea in the body towards conversions. Even the slightest sentence can put a reader off. That’s the same thing with tone and persona used in the body.


After reading the body, the template should have a call to action – the result you wanted your subscriber to take.

Your affiliate marketing email templates CTA should always be a button, a bold and clear one. If not a button, I usually like to invite my subscribers to ask me questions.

The footer comes after the CTA button. It should embody your addresses and social media handles. These are important since some email service providers, such as Gmail, have started to ban emails that don’t have addresses.

An address is a sign of authenticity. It helps subscribers to trust your brands more.

The Importance Of The Subject Line

For many people, when emailing is an essential part of your business (and even in some cases where it isn’t), email subject lines are crucial.

Affiliate marketing email templates with good lines can make the difference between getting into the inbox and being filtered to spam; bad ones could see your carefully crafted message deleted without ever being read.

affiliate marketing email templates for subject line

It also increases open rates. That’s the first thing subscribers see and determine whether they will open your email in the line.

Some will only read the first few words before scrolling down.  

That’s why your subject lines need to be personalized to your subscribers. Research shows that data personalized email subject lines increase open rates by up to 50%.

So, the first essence of creating compelling subject lines is to increase open rates.

How To Create Killer Subject Lines

How can you create compelling affiliate marketing email templates subject lines, then? Well, here are some tips:

Be Personal

Personalizing the subject line is often one of the easiest ways to grab attention and keep readers engaged until they reach the end of your message – after all, the chances are that someone will be more likely to open something if their name is in it.

Often, simply using “Hi [First Name]” or “Hello [Last Name]” in the subject line is enough to get a positive response.

But if you want a more advanced tactic, try something like crafting a message around a problem they might have and including their name in it.

For example, I’m sorry to hear my colleague’s promotion didn’t go through. I noticed they applied again, so here’s how they can do better this time around.

“Hi [First Name], have you ever wished your company had an automated system that would help ensure every application went through without human error?

Wanting to make sure there was no chance of your colleague missing out on another promotion opportunity, we’ve created XXXX, which does just that.

Click the link to learn more about this new system today.

Keep It Short

When writing your affiliate marketing email templates, make sure your subject lines are concise and to the point, explaining what the email is about in less than 10 words.

Also, try to include 2-3 keywords so people can easily find your emails if they search on Google or something like that.

Brevity is essential with most types of written communication. But emails are especially crucial because you have no way of knowing whether the person will have time to read the whole thing.

If the affiliate marketing email templates are too long, they might abandon it before reaching the end – and if they do, you can guarantee that none of their colleagues will be likely to get past the first sentence either.

And if you know what you’re selling/writing about, make sure to put it inside the email instead of the subject line (I learned that one by experience).

Don’t Be Too Promotional Of Your Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing email templates are usually easy to spot by their subject lines, so don’t try being too sneaky.

Frontloading your affiliate marketing email templates with a clear description of what it’s about or who sent it is more likely to get people opening it than if you give them no reason at all, which means they’re more likely to take action on whatever’s inside.

affiliate marketing email templates should be simple and short

So, next time you sit down to craft an email subject line, keep these tips in mind for best results. You can use action verbs like “Sale,” “Earnings,” etc.

They grab attention more than words like “We’ve,” “We’re,” etc. These are somehow promotional words, but they capture the attention of most affiliates.

Some Don’ts

Don’t use ALL CAPS – It’s easier to read sentences in lower case letters, so don’t waste the recipients’ time – use proper capitalization. Also, don’t use more than one exclamation point!!! (Unless it’s like, omg! This offer has a 98% off!!!!)

Don’t use sensationalized language such as:

“Make $200 in one day with this simple trick!!!”

“Register for our newsletter, and we’ll give you a refund!”

“Your account will expire soon…”

and so on.

We all get emails like these every day, and these types of subject lines register as spam.

Creating Your Pre-Made Email Marketing Templates

You can easily do this right in your email services provider dashboards like ActiveCampaign, Aweber, or GetResponse.

Choose to either edit a pre-existing template or start one from scratch. I would advise you to use an existing template because it saves time, which you can use to do other things.

But before you go on, understand your brand colors, tone, and the persona you want to target. The colors will need to match with those in your online elements, such as website and Facebook images.

It’s easy to edit the affiliate marketing email templates. Most tools have an email editor with drag-and-drop functionality. So, it will only be dragging and dropping elements such as buttons, text boxes, and titles.

All these elements need to follow the structure we outlined before; the introduction, body, and conclusion.

That means you need to edit every piece in the affiliate marketing email templates to align with your marketing message, tone, and style.  

And remember, at the heart of every great email template is design. Make sure you involve yourself with design because it is impossible to anticipate all the different devices and screens that recipients use to check their emails.

Affiliate marketing email templates will also help if designers are involved in translating marketing materials into an eye-catching yet user-friendly template.

Visuals help your readers understand the emails quickly and take action. It’s easy to read emails with a bit of visual than a plain black and white one.

Start with the subject line and maybe include an emoji in the subject line. Emojis are increasingly becoming effective in enhancing the compelling nature of emails.

Don’t use black and white in the rest of the copy. Try adding a bit of element such as italics, bolded words, and underline some of them. Just be creative and make the copy more appealing.

Include images in the body if you can. They might slow down the loading speed but can significantly increase the click-through rate.

You can even add an image background. Also, another good way to do this is to include GIFs. They are increasingly becoming effective in converting subscribers to buyers.  

In addition, the first thing a reader will notice when reading the copy is the bold call to action. So, instead of merely having a ‘click here link, you can do better by having a bold, visually appealing color and a ‘download’ or ‘Get it for 40% off’ word.   

Include your logo, brand colors, and social media icons in the footer of your affiliate marketing email templates. These help a lot in elevating your brand.

You will be using the same affiliate marketing email templates with thousands of subscribers. So, it helps to do a bit of brand recognition.

Using the graphics in the headers, subheaders, images, bold call to action button, and your brand elements in the footer will increase engagement and click-through rate.

It doesn’t matter how well-written your affiliate marketing email templates are; the images –make it more compelling and improve the click-through rate.

However, you have to balance between visuals and passing the message. That will also help to avoid your emails going to the SPAM folder. Omnisend recommends striking a 20% vs. 50% balance between the two.

Avoid Using Pure HTML Emails

HTML works on devices, but it’s just another file format – just like PDFs or Word documents – that needs to be opened on a device first for the markup code to be read by the software.

If your email fails to open correctly, it means that the recipient’s mail client will not interpret its HTML.

Pure HTML emails do not display correctly on most devices and often look messy, preventing users from reading your message.

They can even cause security problems, such as viruses and malware. So, it is generally advised to use different formats for email marketing and customer service purposes.

Use CSS tricks

CSS means Cascading Style Sheets and allows you to style information with commands instead of HTML markup code.

You can control properties like color, typeface, and text direction easier than editing raw HTML code – especially when working with multiple templates at once.

But remember, even with CSS, your emails will only look the way you want them to as long as you take screen size and device compatibility into account.

Use background images sparingly.


You will be able to send more emails with less effort when you set up affiliate marketing email templates that are ready to use. Once perfected, this process becomes much easier and faster because every future message just needs a little tweak here or there – no need for extensive research!

With these advantages in mind, why wouldn’t anyone want one?

ActiveCampaign gives marketers many options when choosing between various affiliate marketing email templates depending upon their goals or industry sector. The tool also integrates seamlessly into most platforms so users don’t have to worry about finding another program as well as having all of those messages neatly compiled together without any hassle whatsoever.