ActiveCampaign Review 2021: Active Campaign is a CRM and email marketing solution with great features, but the pricing might be too high for smaller businesses.

In this review, we will explore its pros and cons, so you can make an educated decision before signing up. ActiveCampaign has many features that help marketers of all skill levels in their day-to-day tasks.

For instance, it includes A/B testing, which helps find out what works best by running different page versions to see which one gets more click-throughs or conversions.

Remarkably, unlike various other platforms, ActiveCampaign does not have a cost-free version; however, they use a 14-day test of their solutions. Below are its distinct attributes, prices, and some ideas to assist you in making one of the most out of your email advertising and marketing campaign.

ActiveCampaign Review 2021: Pricing and Features

ActiveCampaign is the best marketing automation platform on the market. With rates that are slightly more than its rivals but still reasonable for all of ActiveCampaign’s unique features, it should be your number one choice.

It can be found in 4 pricing plan which offers a range of different options depending on what you need to do – Email Marketing Campaigns (which includes 2000 subscribers per month), Mobile Push Notifications & SMS Marketing, Web Form Subscribers Plus 500 monthly visits from mobile traffic sources every year).



ActiveCampaign is a superb email marketing tool with proven technology that will provide you with the flexibility to grow your business.

To get started, you have to choose one of the plans: Lite, Plus, Basic, Professional, or Enterprise. They vary in price and features depending on how big your team is.

You can see the list below for each plan’s details:

Lite Pricing Plan.

Lite is the cheapest plan, but it does include a few features that you’ll get in medium plans with other email marketing autoresponders.
The plan includes

Lite Plan Features

  • Email design templates.
  • Devices for constructing templates.
  • Auto-responders.
  • Assimilation with social media sites systems.
  • You can likewise import your existing contacts.
  • Support through talking and also emails.
  • Drag-and-drop function for developing emails and also workflows.
  • Coverage.

This plan is better than most other plans from other email autoresponders because of the advanced features.

For just $15 each month, you can manage approximately 500 subscribers. The more customers you have, the lot more you will certainly need to pay.

Subscribers Pricing Monthly

  • 500 $15
  • 1000 $35.
  • 2500 $60.
  • 5000 $105.
  • 10,000 $165.
  • 25,000 $275.
  • 50,000 $369.
  • 100,000 $540

Nevertheless, it lacks some features making it much less ideal for large advertising and marketing groups. These include.

  • You can not automate your sales in this bundle, and also it also doesn’t use lead racking up.
  • You can not schedule a call with the support team; assistance is available via conversations and e-mails.
  • It’s likewise limited to three individuals at once.
  • It does not feature the Client Relationships Administration (CRM).
    It is a great plan, yet only if you have a little checklist of contacts, or you intend to move to other strategies soon.

Plus Pricing Plan.

This plan has advanced attributes consisting of.

Plus Plan Features

  • Client Partnership Management (CRM).
  • Lead Rating.
  • Sales automation.
  • It deals with approximately 25 individuals.
  • It additionally uses custom branding.

The pricing for the Plus plan is as follows;

Subscribers Pricing Monthly

  • 1000 $75.
  • 2500 $135.
  • 5000 $180.
  • 10,000 $269.
  • 25,000 $430.
  • 50,000 Get a quote from the company.
  • 100,000 Get a quote from the company.

This strategy is perfect for tiny to tool eCommerce stores. Unlike the lite plan below, you can automate sales, support your leads, and even involve your consumers with the CRM. It likewise has all the other features in the lite plan.

However, you can not tailor your email domain on this price plan. If you utilize your email campaigns primarily for marketing offers, this may be a problem. Such emails might be flagged as spam by email providers.

Professional Pricing Plan.

The pricing for the plus plan is as follows;

Subscribers Pricing Monthly.

  • 1000 $175.
  • 5000 $269.
  • 10,000 $375.
  • 25,000 $645.
  • 50,000 Get a quote from the company.
  • 100,000 Get a quote from the company.

The only additional attribute in this plan is the capacity to take care of 50 users, which is two times more than the plus plan. Besides that, it has the specific characteristics of the plus plan.

It is much less valuable than the other packages, given that if you have a group that’s a little larger than 25 participants, say35 members, you will wind up paying twice the expense for the exact attributes.

Enterprise Pricing Plan.

Subscribers Pricing Monthly.

  • 1000 $309.
  • 5000 $485.
  • 10,000 $539.
  • 25,000 Get a quote from the company.
  • 50,000 Get a quote from the company.
  • 100,000 Get a quote from the company.

For the ultimate capability, this is the perfect plan.

In addition to the remarkable features from the various other packages, this plan also includes;

Enterprise Plan Features

  • A boosted SLA.
  • An endless variety of individuals.
  • You can personalize your mail server domain.
  • You can automate the process of determining your client’s interests based upon their social networks profiles.

ActiveCampaign is unlike other marketing automation programs, which are often challenging to navigate and frustrating for beginners.

Activecampaign offers both phone-based customer support and messaging service in the Enterprise plan so that you don’t have to deal with a complicated interface all on your own.

You can import an unlimited number of contacts through various channels such as email or social media accounts; this way, at least some questions will be answered right away by someone who understands how it works best!

To move your list from one email provider to ActiveCampaign, you can also use 1 on 1 customer service for an unlimited amount of time.

It’s one of the most expensive pricing plans, but as your team becomes larger and the customer list grows, you will see how much a benefit it is to have access to this technology at any given moment when needed.

What Makes Activecampaign Best Email Autoresponder?

As many successful online local business owners know, email advertising and marketing is one of the most effective advertising techniques on the planet of shopping and digital advertising and marketing.

ActiveCampaign Review 2021

ActiveCampaign has managed to stay up-to-date with the ideal customer experience methods that assist you in smoothing out your email marketing campaigns.

These best practices help you get a neat structure that allows for better interaction between consumers and web content.

These include:

  • Optimizing content for mobile devices: Optimizing mobile content is a challenge but ActiveCampaign makes it easy. You can design workflows and templates that are responsive for any device including your phone’s screen size. ActiveCampaign helps you create engaging, effective communications at every stage of the customer journey to keep them coming back time after time even if they’re on their tiny screens!
  • Artificial Intelligence– With the advent of AI, marketing has never been easier. Artificial intelligence is a must for any modern organization – and ActiveCampaign makes it simple to implement from day one by providing you with countless ways to automate your campaigns so that they’re more powerful while saving you time in the process!

  • Data-driven Advertising – If there’s something that’s easily offered in this AI age, it’s information. With information available concerning customer rate of interests, the web pages they go to daily, their interactions with your e-mails, you have sufficient data to know what your client is searching for. This assists boost your ROI (Return on Investment) on e-mail campaigns. Of course, you will certainly have to abide by data handling guidelines based upon the areas that you operate.

ActiveCampaign Features

There are many reasons why ActiveCampaign is great for email marketing campaigns.

Below are some of the reasons why we recommend it.

1.Email Automation Made Easy.

ActiveCampaign is a marketing automation platform that allows you to automate your projects and customize how they leak out to your client list. You can do this with their Lead Scoring feature, which allows for custom weighting of lead types, so updates are more well-received by only those who need them most!

Active Campaign’s powerful automated features make it easy for marketers like yourself to design campaigns explicitly tailored towards each individual on an opt-in basis.

With Active Campaign, you’ll be able to seamlessly coordinate all aspects of email marketing while also being afforded access to other industries such as CRM or customer service systems.

ActiveCampaign Email Automation

You can create your workflows in ActiveCampaign by dragging and dropping pre-made blocks of automated actions, or you can choose from a range of options to make the process easier.

Activecampaign is an intuitive platform where users can build their very own workflow with ease through drag and drop features and easy-to, follow navigation steps.

There are up to 22 triggers that can trigger particular operations based on the tasks your customers are taking on your website.

Examples of triggers include

  • When a client sees a specific web page.
  • Events, such as the purchase of an item.
  • When you or the client adds a tag.
  • When you obtain a new subscriber to your checklist.

These automations allow you to

  • Unsubscribe as well as subscribe customers on your listing.
  • Send out an SMS or an email.
  • Track your objectives.
  • Nurture leads.
  • Traverse to various parts of automation.

2.User Friendly Interface.

ActiveCampaign has a unique user interface, where you can compose an email within the very same dashboard as the process.

When working with most software programs, you need to go to and fro between numerous settings, which makes it busy.

You can also include SMS (Short messages) in operations. You can additionally incorporate automations right into each other, making the navigating procedure a lot more convenient.

3.Sharable Automations.

If you’re unsure how to create automation from scratch in ActiveCampaign, don’t worry; you can utilize other individuals’ automation through shared features.

Additionally, as high as you enjoy developing your own and turning the wheel, do not have too!

You’ll find more than enough pre-designed templates that work well with every type of service or product offering. And if none are available for what’s on offer right now?

No worries – there is a built-in editor so that it won’t be needed to start over again when something new comes along by enhancing an existing template instead!.

4.It’s Scalable.

ActiveCampaign is a strategic marketing platform that grows with your company and gives you scalable pricing strategies. With the Lite package starting at $15 for up to 500 customers, Active Campaign can help grow from its nascent stage to breakthrough by adapting as your customer list expands.

If this level of growth still leaves room in the budget or if there are more than 25 individuals on staff, then moving onto one of their other packages may be best suited- especially since it also comes fully equipped with custom domains!

Active Campaign has so many perfect services no matter how big your customer base gets—you can always migrate between packages when needed without any issue!

5.Affiliate Program.

ActiveCampaign is a leading marketing automation company that provides high-quality, affordable tools for small businesses. The affiliate program offers 30% payments to associates who promote sales through the platform with your referral link and will identify whoever signs up as your referral. You can get full commission on any plan they choose!

6.You Can Resend Your Campaign.

If your customer listing has grown since you last sent your Campaign, you can resend it once more to the new customers. Considering that it enables you to track who opened your emails, you can also resend the project to those who did not.

You can alter the subject, or the method, to ensure you get their interest this moment.

7.ActiveCampaign enables you to integrate third-party systems.

ActiveCampaign’s ability to integrate with various other software programs your company utilizes is a selling point for the advertising devices.

One of its best features has been Activecampaign integration with different platforms such as Google Analytics and SendOwl – which makes it easier for you to optimize customer experience while improving the backend process at your business!

ActiveCampaign third party Integrations

Active Campaign provides marketing tools that allow entrepreneurs who may have once relied solely on their online presence to take advantage of offline promotions. You can incorporate multiple platforms into this service like WebinarJam and even things like Facebook ads without having any trouble whatsoever!

Activecampaign: Pros & Cons.

ActiveCampaign Pros

  • Ease of use – ActiveCampaign was the first platform to pioneer the visual marketing automation builder. The first thing that you notice when you start using ActiveCampaign is how well-designed and intuitive the user interface is. It’s one of the only marketing automation tools we’ve used that requires no training to understand.
  • Affordable – For most small businesses who don’t want to commit to paying thousands of dollars per year for marketing automation, ActiveCampaign is a great option. Their pricing starts at just $15/month with no upfront setup fees.
  • Zapier Integration – ActiveCampaign integrates with over 2,000+ different tools via their Zapier integration. While this enables you to connect ActiveCampaign with a wide variety of tools, you will need a paid Zapier subscription to access specific integrations.
  • Automation split testing – This feature enables you to A/B test entire sequences against each other rather than test individual emails (offered by most marketing automation tools).
  • Machine learning – In recent years, ActiveCampaign has built several innovative ML-based features, including predictive sending, predictive content, and predictive win-probability scoring of leads to help you automate even more of your marketing & sales process.

ActiveCampaign Cons

  • CRM – ActiveCampaign’s marketing automation is compelling because ActiveCampaign has an in-built CRM system. This CRM, however, is not as good as standalone platforms like PipeDrive or Salesforce – though we feel this is a reasonable trade-off for ActiveCampaign’s automation features.
  • Reporting – Despite being relatively comprehensive and providing insights on sales/goal conversions, ActiveCampaign’s reporting is quite crowded and can be challenging to navigate at times.

Automations For Your Email Marketing.

Here are 5 automations you can use for your email marketing.

  1. Tagging.
    ActiveCampaign automation relies on JavaScript, a web programs language. This language is recognized for taping events, enabling you to record the pages individuals visit, how much time they take, and also the tasks they did on that page.

This detail gives you some understanding right into the consumers’ rate of interest. You can produce tags for your clients and tag them to ensure that your campaigns are shared to sectors based on their interests the following time you send promotional emails.

Besides tagging, A/C likewise enables you to sector your checklist based upon age, place, as well as the information they gave throughout enrollment.

  1. Clean-up.
    After running a successful project, your mailing list might grow significantly. Nevertheless, after time, some of your subscribers may fall out with you.

It’s critical to experience your mailing list, check who’s closed your emails, as well as send them a follow-up. If they do not react, you may have to remove them from your list. Nevertheless, it’s impossible to remove them, especially if you have a substantial emailing list.

The good news is, you can automate the entire process of identifying and also eliminating dormant customers. Doing this guarantees, you have a manageable listing of actual customers.

  1. Cart Abandonment Reminder.
    When a client check outs your site as well as continues to check out but stops working to purchase the items, you can establish a follow-up email. This email is suggested to attend to any kind of issues that may have prevented them from buying.

  1. Email Retargeting.
    Email advertising could not obtain any better. ActiveCampaign has laid out to provide you with much better results despite a smaller subscriber list. Email retargeting jobs comparable to advertisement retargeting whereby it sends out emails based upon your consumer’s everyday search routines.

  1. Lead Scoring
    ActiveCampaign allows you to assign a rating to your subscriber list based upon their communication with your emails. For example, you can designate a 5 for those who open an e-mail as well as a 10 for those that click web links embedded in the e-mail. In this manner, you can recognize the number of individuals on your checklist are active customers.

By using ActiveCampaign, you can make your emails more personalized and targeted based on the kind of content that they’ve been consuming.

Active Campaign lets marketers segment their subscribers with various criteria, such as how often they visit a specific website or what device they use to read email messages.

This enables them to send out tailored communications, which will increase customer retention rates over time.


ActiveCampaign Review 2021

  • ActiveCampaign


ActiveCampaign is an email marketing tool that will provide you with the flexibility to grow your business.
The software provides many automation choices, enabling easy segmentation and response handling for typical queries based on subscriber lists as well as automated applications when contrasted with other options in today’s market; it might be hard at first to understand how this powerful device works, but once it starts working its magic – the time invested pays off!
Start a 14-day free trial by clicking here.