The pricing plans for ActiveCampaign are made to fit every business and budget. Whether you’re a small startup or an established company, there is a plan that’s perfect for your needs.

In this blog post, ActiveCampaign Pricing we’ll go over the various options available so that you can find the right one for you!

ActiveCampaign Pricing: Just How Much Does It Cost?

Activecampaign is one of our favourite email marketing tools. We’ve had great experiences with their support, reports, and automations are hard to beat.

You can give this software a test run for 14 days without paying any money. Once that trial period is over and you’ve committed to the cost of one of their plans, take advantage of free migrations offers as well!

As to which plan works best for your needs – have a look at our complete breakdown below.

ActiveCampaign Pricing Plans

No matter your number of customers, you’ll have the ability to pick between any of the 4 plans the platform has to use.

Lite Plan

The lite plan is ActiveCampaign’s cheapest option. Pricing starts at $9 a month and can run you upwards of $500. Let’s take a look at the features that are included in the plan below:

  • Endless Email Sending Out
  • Emai Marketing
  • Send Out Newsletters
  • Develop membership Types
  • Marketing Automation
  • Chat And Email Assitance
  • Supports up to 3 users

Monthly Pricing according to the number of subscribers for Lite Plan

  • 500 subscribers $15
  • 1,000 Subscribers $29
  • 2,500 Subscribers $55
  • 5000 Subscribers $99
  • 10,000 Subscribers $155
  • 25,000 Subscribers $259

However, there are some con’s such as:

  • You don’t have access to the analytics tool.
  • It only supports as many as 3 users.
  • It isn’t really cost-effective for bigger mailing lists for the variety of features.
  • It will not actively assist make raising your conversion rates much easier.
  • Does not featured SMS marketing.

The Lite Plan is best for any company that wants to focus on sending out automations, newsletters, and emails. It also allows you to create a membership type which makes it perfect if your goal is growing the newsletter list on this platform.

Note that Lite doesn’t remove the ActiveCampaign logos in certain elements like forms and confirmation emails – but if you add your email lists via HTML this will not be an issue.

And there is no phone support, so it’s mostly just live chat and email which might turn people off from using the Lite Plan.

Plus Plan

The Plus plan starts at $49 every month and can cost upwards of $400. This plan comes with whatever from the Lite strategy in addition to some other features.

  • CRM with Sales Automation Totally Free For A Limited Time Only
  • Landing Page Builder
  • Facebook Pixel Audience Modification
  • Lead Scoring
  • Integration Ability
  • SMS Marketing
  • Dynamic Content Editing
  • Adjustable User Approvals
  • Support Upto 25 Users

Monthly Pricing according to the number of subscribers for Plus Plan

  • 500 Subscribers $70
  • 1000 Subscribers $70
  • 2500 Subscribers $125
  • 5000 Subscribers $169
  • 10000 Subscribers $249
  • 25000 Subscribers $399

The Plus Plan is best matched for businesses that want better chances at customer engagement and maintaining a good relationship with their customers.

With this plan, you can reach out to your subscribers through SMS messages–making sure it’s easy to maintain contact no matter how often people check or whether they even have time!

Here are some of the Plus Plan’s Cons:

  • It is a bit on the costlier side.
  • You have restricted analytics capabilities.
  • The SMS marketing feature is just beneficial if you like to get in touch with your customers through SMS. Otherwise, it’s a paid feature you will not get much use of.

If you’re looking for a powerful CRM that can be used to manage your customers, then ActiveCampaign’s Plus Plan is the perfect fit.

With this upgrade, organizations of all sizes and needs will find what they need in one place: from landing page editor and SMS capabilities to managing their sites with custom domain names.

Don’t forget the 1-month training course!

Professional Plan.

The Professional Plan is perhaps ActiveCampaign’s very popular plan option. It begins at $129 a month and can cost you over $480.

Like the Plus Plan, it features everything the Lite plan offers, in addition to everything you see on the Plus plan and some more features:

Features such as

  • Predictive Sending out through machine learning
  • Predictive Material through machine learning
  • Customer Attribution
  • Path to Purchase
  • Conversion Attribution reporting
  • Split Automations
  • Website Messaging
  • Detailed onboarding assessment procedure
  • Automation Method Assessement
  • Three one on one training sessions every month
  • Support up to 50 users

Monthly Pricing according to the number of subscribers for Professional Plan

  • 500 Subscribers $159
  • 2500 Subscribers $159
  • 5000 subscribers $239
  • 10,000 Subscribers $349
  • 25,000 Subscribers $599
  • 50,000 and Above Contact Customer Services

The Professional strategy is ideal for professionals, freelancers, and services that greatly depend on individualized material for their leads to increase sales.

The predictive sending out and material functions use distinct machine learning tools that instantly send out newsletters and automations at the best time possible for each lead.

Apart from its advantages, it also has some areas that need improvement.

For example,

  • The rate is rather unreasonable.
  • The website messaging function is just perfect if you have dedicated client support personnel to manage on-site messaging.

If you’re willing to put in the time and dedication, starting at $159 a month is an investment that can help boost your online marketing campaign.

Not only will this monthly fee provide 50 user accounts with personalized messages from site owners but it also includes attribution analysis which helps analyze everything about how users interact on your website – all of these features are included for one low price!

Enterprise Plan.

The Enterprise plan is a robust option for those looking to make the most of their marketing strategy.

It starts at $279 and can be as costly as upwards of $399 per month, depending on your needs. The features included in this package allow you to design campaigns that are unmatched by competitors!

  • Custom Analytics ( Beta)
  • Customized Mail Servers
  • Customized Domain
  • Committed Account Representative
  • Freestyle Services
  • Free Social Data Reports
  • Phone Support
  • Uptime SLA
  • Support Unlimited Users

Monthly Pricing according to the number of subscribers for Enterprise Plan

  • 500 Subscribers $279
  • 1000 Subscribers $279
  • 2500 Subscribers $279
  • 5,000 Subscribers $449
  • 10,000 Subscribers $499
  • More than 25,000 Contact Customer Services

The Enterprise plan is perfect for business owners who want to have more control over their email. With a dedicated account representative and phone support, the enterprise tier has what your company needs!

Whether you’re looking for help with set-up or would like that extra bit of assistance, this package will be sure to meet all of your needs.

Plus they’ll provide around-the-clock customer service so there’s no need to worry about being in contact at any time during the day – not just when someone is available via chat or on the phone!


  • Automations are well structure
  • The Interface is easy to understand
  • You’re able to h=gain access to all paid features even when you’re on the trial
  • Your emails and automations looks extremely professional
  • it has a great section of plug & play templates
  • Customer Support is amazing
  • Provides drip campaigns on greater strategies


  • It’s on the expensive side
  • You might encounter bugs from time to time
  • Restricted style templates alternatives
  • Adding images for design templates takes a while
  • The analytical feature isn’t advance as it should be for the price
  • It has quite a high learning curve

ActiveCampaign’s Enterprise Plan is the perfect option for companies with a big budget and equally large customer base.

For just $500 per month, you get unlimited user accounts and all of ActiveCampaigns’ most sophisticated features, like custom mail server domain names or an individual phone number to send SMS messages from (ideal for businesses that rely on text communication).

You even have access to dedicated account managers who will help train your staff in various matters such as deliverability strategy consultations!


Who is ActiveCampaign best for?

If you need a CRM that provides top-notch customer service to deeper engagement with your clients, ActiveCampaign is the solution for you.

The easy-to-use interface will help make it simple and less complicated when trying to optimize conversion rates or boost retention.

Even though there are no specific funnel features available in this platform, if optimization isn’t at the forefront of what needs to be done then they do offer an excellent landing page builder to get things started

ActiveCampaign has a user interface that allows newbies and experts to find what they need easily, with its well-organized layout.

What’s more, is their customer service team will help you if anything goes wrong – it doesn’t matter how much of a novice or expert you are!

You can rest assured knowing Activecampaign won’t just throw in random features for show; your money includes a dependable performance at an affordable price.

Who is ActiveCampaign not best for?

ActiveCampaign has its benefits, but it’s not the best option for everyone.

For example, if you like hosting webinars or rely heavily on sales funnel to drive conversions then you’ll have to utilize third-party applications which is a minor inconvenience.

However, you also need to factor in the cost of running your combinations on top of ActiveCampaign’s not-too-affordable strategies.

ActiveCampaign is a great way to start building your list, but you need to factor into the cost of running combinations on top of their not-too-affordable strategies.

So if you’re thinking about signing up for ActiveCampaign and find out that it’s lacking some crucial features which are important to your needs as an entrepreneur or marketer, then I recommend using ConvertKit instead because it will be less costly for what most entrepreneurs want in this age where so many people prefer email marketing over other forms.

My Verdict: Is ActiveCampaign worth it?

ActiveCampaign is a great piece of software that helps you manage your email marketing.

Their platform allows you to create and send beautiful emails, track their progress, and organize everything in an intuitive interface. I highly recommend it!

ActiveCampaign Pricing Plan


Activecampaign is a powerful marketing tool that allows you to manage your contacts, create campaigns and automate workflows.
If you’re looking for an affordable CRM solution with robust features, then take advantage of the free 14-day trial today! With so many pricing plans available there are options for every size of business.
Choose which plan best suits your organization by considering how much time and resources you have to dedicate to managing it on a daily basis. Want help deciding?
ActiveCampaign gives you a 14-day trial on all of their plans that should help you to decide if the plan is suitable for your business needs. Click the button below and start your free trial.